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Beauty, Home remedies, Skin care Follow these tips for clear skin

Follow these tips for clear skin

By Glowpink Staff   

Every girl wishes to have smooth and clear skin. Most of us spend a lot of money on cosmetics too but believe me it is not necessary. If you just follow below tips with a healthy diet, you will get clear complexion automatically.

clear skin

Tip 1: Say NO to soap

Soap is highly alkaline, and it can damage the skin’s natural barriers. Choose a soap-free cleanser instead.

Tip 2: Try to avoid sunlight as much as possible

Avoid UV rays as much as possible. This is the basis for preventing premature aging and lowering your risk of developing skin cancer. When outdoors, wear a wide-brimmed hat and choose clothing that covers as much of the skin as possible. Make sure to wear sunscreen, when you are going out.

Tip 3: Include fiber in your diet

Skin impurities are often due to digestive problems. Good health starts with good nutrition, so make sure to eat plenty of healthy foods for glowing skin such as fruits, raw vegetables, and whole grains.

Tip 4: Say no to coffee, alcohol, and cigarette

These are enemies of your skin, say no to them

Tip 5: Follow CTM routine

Always follow this, cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Face wash will pull oil from your skin so always apply moisturizer after that

Tip 6: Drink enough water

Skin is up to 15 percent water. In climate-controlled offices, where humidity never goes about 8 to 10 percent, moisture in the skin evaporates more quickly than it can regenerate.

Tip 7: Try a fresh fruit facial mask

Fruit acids and enzymes can help clear away dead skin, improving blemishes and imperfections and clarifying the skin. To save money, make masks at home more often than purchasing expensive products.

Tip 8: Use an anti-bacterial face wash

If you suffer from minor zits and bumps and major breakouts often, then switch to an anti-bacterial face wash. Anti-bacterial face washes are enriched with certain ingredients that help to diminish the appearance of zits and bumps from your face.

Tip 9: Use a clay mask

Clay masks absorb the excess oil from your face and prevent a breakout. Look for a clay mask that is enriched with glycolic acid, it will help to cleanse your clogged pores and give you clear, fresh skin.

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Tip 10: Wear a sunscreen lotion

We make it a point to apply sunscreen lotion while stepping outdoors but often miss out this important step while staying indoors. Even if you stay at home, make sure that you apply a sunscreen lotion to make sure that you protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun.

Tip 11: Do not experiment with your skin

Always make sure that you conduct a patch test before applying anything on your skin. Do not slather on a thick layer of any product on your skin just because you can’t hold on to your excitement or your favorite beauty blogger uses it.

Tip 12: Determine your skin type

Purchase good quality skincare products based on your skin type. If you use the wrong products on your skin, it will irritate your delicate skin and zits and bumps will magically appear out of nowhere.

Tip 13: Try a sleeping mask once in a while

You skin repairs itself at night and hence it is important that you indulge yourself in some intense skincare at night. Apply a sleeping mask before hitting the bed to make sure that your skin gets what it needs to thrive. Indulge in the guilty pleasure of pampering yourself once in a while to rejuvenate your skin from deep within.

Tip 14: Maintain a healthy diet

You must be aware of the fact that you literally become what you eat. If you eat healthily it will show on your skin as you will glow from the inside. However, if you only consume oily and spicy food then you are bound to get breakouts.

Tip 15: Start your day with tender coconut water

Tender coconut water is enriched with a lot of nutrients, start your day by consuming a glass of unsweetened tender coconut water. You must drink enough water all day long, especially filtered water or mineral water to make sure that your body does not miss out on the essential minerals and vitamins.

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Tip 16: Gorge on a slice of wild salmon

If u want to reverse the damage done by the UV rays of the sun, then consume wild salmon very often. Wild salmon contains astaxanthin, this chemical compound helps to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, so if you want healthy skin, then eat healthily.

Tip 17: Cut down sugar consumption

Sugar leads to aging, and if you want healthier and younger-looking skin then you have to cut down sugar consumption for sure. We are not asking you to eliminate sugar from your diet completely but you can reduce the amounts of sugar intake to let your skin thrive.

Tip 18: Don’t touch your face

Chances are that you touch your face very often and that leads to a breakout. Your hands are full of dirt and grime all the time and if you touch your face it will react and rewards you with uneven skin texture, zits, and bumps all over your face. Sanitize your hands before using any skincare product so that it does not show on your skin.

Tip 19: Do not layer up too many products

With the K-beauty trend going on, a lot of people tend to use a lot of skincare products all at once. Your skin does not require so many many products and using more than one product actually does more damage than good. The typical Korean skincare regime comprises of 10 lengthy steps, however, you need to bear in mind that it may suit their skin type and not yours. The condition of your skin depends on a lot of things like your age, lifestyle, weather and a lot of other medical condition. Stick to the basic skincare essentials that suit your skin and do not blindly ape the ongoing trends.

Tip 20: Exfoliation is the key

If you want clear skin, then you need to exfoliate your skin once in a while. Don’t exfoliate abrasively, exfoliate your skin gently with a light hand in small circular strokes twice a week and you are good to go. Exfoliating too often will make your skin dull by scraping off all the natural botanical oils. Try using homemade scrubs for this purpose so that you can get soft and supple skin without spending a fortune.

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Tip 21: Use retinoid-based skincare products

Applying retinoids topically will help to even out the fine lines and wrinkles from your skin and keep you young and beautiful forever. Use a retinoid-based night cream if the early signs of aging have already started to appear on your skin.

Tip: 22 Never ever squeeze or pop your pimple

Pimples are very common and you need not squeeze them to get rid of them. Doing so will only leave an ugly scar on your face, so, never, ever do that. You can use face packs or topical creams or lotions to get them treated but squeezing them will only make the matters worse for you. If you get recurrent pimples, then visit a dermatologist to find the cause and get yourself treated as soon as possible.

Tip 23: Take care of your skincare products

We often but a lot of products, but we seldom read the label that talks about how to store the products so that they can be used over a prolonged period of time. Shove your skincare products in the refrigerator if it is hot outside. Store them away from sunlight as some products are photosensitive in nature and it will react with sunlight.

Tip 24: Use most of the products with a thicker consistency at night

If you step out during the day then apply a light moisturizer, sunscreen lotion and then dust off your face with a mattifying compact powder. Keep all intense skincare products aside to be used at night. Your skin repairs itself at night and also absorbs the products better to give you a healthy, glowing skin.


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