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Health, Weight loss Which Fruit to Eat to Lose Weight?

Which Fruit to Eat to Lose Weight?

By Muskan Minda   

Fruits must be an integral part of our daily lives as they have natural sugar and fibre content that is beneficial for human body. A balanced diet is incomplete without the addition of a fruit. Fruits are delicious, refreshing and juicy with high nutritional content. They are in fact loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and calcium and have low contents of calorie and fat. It is important that we eat at least more than one fruit on a daily basis if we are working towards loss of weight and slimming down. Fruits are natural fat burners and help in weight loss significantly because they increase the rate of our metabolism. Pectin and fibre content in the fruits add to a diet by making you full and satisfied. These can be great substitutes for high calorie food items. Some fruits that help in weight loss by curbing our cravings are as follows-


It is a juicy fruit that has high content of amino-acid arginine which naturally reduces weight. It has no fat content and is instead rich in Vitamin, C, B, and A. Watermelon keeps us hydrated and its calorie content is only 30 calories every 100 gms


Avocado has high amount of protein and fiber and is a great fruit for weight loss programs as it has high amount of omega 9 fatty acids. Oleic acid in avocado helps in keeping a check on hunger cravings. Eating it on a regular basis will speed our metabolism rate, burn the excess fats and boost our levels of energy.

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Pear is one of the most perfect fruit that guarantees weight loss. It has Vitamin C that is best for our skin, fibre content that keeps our stomach full for a longer time period and helps in keeping our level of cholesterol in check. The skin of the pear is an important part and do not peel it off. By eating pears we consume very less amount of calories and tend to lose more weight.


Cherries have antioxidant compounds that help in burning fats and ultimately losing weight.


Pomegranate seeds have been a favourite amongst the nutritionists as it is rich in water content, natural fibres and antioxidants. They have very low content of calories and helps in keeping your weight down.


Grapefruit is responsible for lowering insulin and must be eaten on a daily basis to get the desired results. It has high content of carbohydrate and is suggested as a breakfast item to compensate the night fasting by high sugar content. It is known to help in losing weight very fast if eaten before a meal on a daily basis because of a combination of Vitamin C and phytochemicals.  Grapefruit is also a protein source and has 90% of water content and hence fills our belly quickly.


It is enriched in fiber and hence helps in reducing hunger pangs. Peaches have nearly 89% water and are very filling and thus naturals at weight reduction.


The berries are responsible for high rate of metabolism as they produce fat-reducing hormones leptin and adiponectin.


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Blueberries are commonly acknowledged as superfood as it is enriched in antioxidants. It is a figure-friendly fruit item that also has anti-ageing effects. Regular eating will help in keeping a check to cholesterol, hypertension and of course loss of weight.


Raspberries is an excellent detoxifier and aids in the digestion process. It imparts very little content of carbohydrate to our body and hence encourages in losing weight to a great extent.


Cranberries are rich in antioxidant components and act as bowel cleansers. They help in digesting food and losing weight very quickly because they are packed with natural chemicals called polyphenols that minimizes the formation of fatty cells by nearly 73%.


Guava is known to be a great source of weight reduction as it activates the rate of metabolism. It has low level of glycemic index, high level of fibre and is also eaten to prevent constipation.


Oranges have very low content of calorie 47/100 Gms and you tend to burn more calories than you eat. It is enriched in nutrients and water that satiates the emotional hunger pangs and reduces weight.


Lemon is considered by dieticians and common people as weight-management fruit as it is enriched in Vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, minerals, riboflavin and Vitamin B. Squeeze it and mix it in warm water or honey and see the difference. Daily intake will reduce weight very quickly.


Banana should be eaten in its green and raw form to get maximum results. It is rich in soluble starch and its consumption makes the stomach feel full. Banana burns fat quickly and helps in keeping the food cravings away. It is also known as slimming superfood as it helps in losing weight to a greater degree.

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We have listened to this age-old-adage since our early years but are you aware that it is responsible for serious weight loss. If you are hungry between meals do not worry and simply grab an apple and have your way. It had high content of water, Vitamin A and fiber that gives us a full stomach and results in keeping our stomach full for a long time. Fiber is an important ingredient in reducing visceral fat and apple thankfully has very high content of fiber.


Plums are enriched with phenolic compounds that help in decreasing belly fats and can modulate fat-gene and ultimately reduce body weight.


They have high contents of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants and low contents of fat and cholesterol. Pineapple is a great helper in weight loss.

In a recent survey the scientists have acknowledged that fruits are one of the best options we have in order to decrease weight. People who are eating fruits tend to lose weight more quickly than those whose daily staple diet does not include any fruit items. This is simply because fruits satisfy our inner hunger pangs, sweet cravings and the desire to eat goodies like candies



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