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Beauty, Home remedies How to get dimples, Simple ways one must try

How to get dimples, Simple ways one must try

By manisha   

Dimples might be the most attractive trait of a person. It enhances the appearance of the monotonous smile making the person more appealing. There are some which are gifted with this characteristic naturally, but fret not because here are some ways you can help you get dimples:

  • Dimple exercises


  1. Squeeze your cheeks inside while keeping the lips closed (imagine you just ate a very sour lemon). You should be able to see a natural indentation on your cheek, that’s where your dimple can eventually occur.
  2. After you’ve located where to get the dimple, and stopped making the face, press and hold the area with your fingers or the backside of a pencil.
  3. Smile your widest smile while keeping the fingers where they were. If you are content with the placement of the fingers, then you can continue the process, or you can adjust your fingers accordingly your need.
  4. Press the area with your fingers or a pencil for at least 30 minutes before relaxing your mouth.
  5. Repeat this process for a month, half an hour every day to get the natural looking fake dimples.
  • Using a pen


  1. Look into a mirror to mark the spots where you want your dimples to be.
  2. Using the backside of a pen or the rounded side of a pencil, press the skin inwards on the marked spots.
  3. Keep applying pressure for five to ten minutes on either side of the cheek.
  4. This is one of the fastest ways to get dimples without any sophisticated surgery, but it doesn’t last very long.
  5. Repeating this process 2-3 times a day for a month can give you many permanent dimples(but it is never proven).
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  • Drawing Bow moon shape


  1. Stand in front of a mirror, smile naturally while making it as wide as you can.
  2. Using your eyeliner or a makeup pencil, mark the spot where you want your dimple to be or where it should be naturally.
  3. Draw a crescent or a bow moon shape on the marked spot with a colored pencil matching that of your skin but a little darker.
  4. Using your fingers, blend and redraw the shape to make it look as natural as it can be.
  5. Keep in mind that this process gives you a temporary dimple which would wash off very easily if it meets water.
  • Piercing


  1. Clean the cheeks carefully from the outside using an anti-bacterial solution. You also need to rinse out the harmful bacteria from inside your mouth using a mouthwash (preferably anti-bacterial).
  2. Don’t try to repeat this process at home as it can be very dangerous if not done carefully. Always go to a specialist for piercing.
  3. Make sure that the tools used by the professional are clean and sterile and the needles have never been used before.
  4. Just getting pierced at the right place once doesn’t produce dimples, you must maintain the piercing for at least 3 months so that it can give the desired results.