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Uncategorized GM diet plan to lose weight in 7 days

GM diet plan to lose weight in 7 days

By Glowpink Staff   

GM diet plan is a weight loss diet plan that was developed by General Motors Corporation to keep their employees healthy. This diet plan was started as an in-house program but now it is very popular worldwide

This diet can be followed by any person of any age. This diet plan claims to make a person lose up to max 5 kilograms in one week

gm diet plan

If you are planning to start the GM diet, you should stay hydrated. This is because once the body welcomes the effects of GM diet it would require extra water for energy and metabolism. Those who instantly follow the diet system may suffer from incessant muscle pain and weakness, increased body heat, and malaise, and all of these could only be regulated by adequate amounts of water in the body.

GM diet plan for vegetarians

Day 1. Only fruits. Just like in the regular GM diet, only fruits are allowed to be consumed on the first day. All fruits can be consumed in generous quantities except for bananas, as they are high in carbohydrates and potassium. Water intake should also be observed at 10-12 glasses for the whole day.
Day 2. The second day involves potato and vegetables. A cup of baked potato would serve as the body’s main energy source for the day, and then it can be followed up with vegetable dishes during lunch and dinner. Vegetable soup is highly powerful during this day, as it provides all the energy the body would need.
Day 3. Fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables may be served the whole day, from breakfast to dinner, including midday snacks. Fruit juice can also be taken aside from water, although no bananas or potatoes are allowed.
Day 4. Bananas and milk. Banana and milk combos may be consumed all day, with vegetable soup servings during lunch and dinner. Banana and milk may be taken in the form of shakes, during breakfast and midday snacks.
Day 5. White rice or brown rice or legumes and tomatoes. Instead of beef, rice or legumes is used on Day 5. One cup of rice is good to last for the day together with tomatoes in order to induce cleansing. Also, each meat replacement meal needs GOOD FAT like ghee, olive oil or butter.
Day 6. White rice or brown rice or legumes with good fat and vegetables. On this day mixed vegetables may be consumed all day, together with one cup of rice.
Day 7. Up to two cups of white rice or brown rice or legumes with good fat may be consumed, together with fruit and vegetable servings.

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Apparently, the GM diet plan may look lucrative but there are downsides to it as well. Your body may lack essential nutrients if you religiously follow this diet plan for over two weeks at a stretch. It will result in short-term weight loss and may make you feel wobbly down your knees for a while. Besides that, you may feel dehydrated, fatigued all day long and this is bound to lead to poor performance during a workout session.

Benefits of the GM diet

Now, we will look at some of the benefits of the GM diet and how it affects the body and health in a positive manner. First up in this list is:

  • A lot of fruits and veggies are to be consumed when following this diet which is undoubtedly healthy. These foods are low in calories and have a high fiber content which makes them really effective in helping to lose some bodyweight.\
  • GM diet has almost no sugars in it which is quite helpful and healthy for the body as the body does not require much of it. And people all over the world generally consume more sugar than is necessary. That is why diseases like diabetes are so widespread and common. Thus GM diet helps in that regard by curbing the consumption of sugars by restricting the consumption of sugary beverages too.
  • It also restricts alcohol consumption which is unhealthy for the body and can also aid in adding to the weight a little as they have a lot of calories in them.
  • This plan cuts out some stuff but you still can choose the foods you like in the other departments so this one does not feel as restrictive or narrow as most others diets may feel. So, it is generally easier to follow and that is why it has such widespread recognition.
  • This plan helps to detoxify the body a bit by cutting out unhealthy and junk foods and eating healthier fruits and veggies to cleanse the body of harmful agents.
  • GM diet can enhance your metabolism due to the consumption of healthy fruits and stuff and all the fiber that they contain. It also helps in improving the digestion. It aids in bettering the bowel movements and also the fiber in the foods enhance the digestion and the gut.
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Downsides of the GM diet

GM diet is not perfect, just like any other diet, and there are risks and downsides which you should be fully aware of before you make any decision of going ahead with this diet. Let us look at these properties and effects right now:

  • Gm diet cuts out a lot of sources of fats and proteins. Cutting foods and food groups also certainly eliminates a lot of crucial minerals and vitamins which are required by the body for proper functioning. For example, the body requires some amount of healthy unsaturated fats and that actually helps in weight loss and helping to balance the cholesterol in the body.
  • This diet also cuts out a lot of protein and body needs for building and rebuilding. Consuming protein actually helps more in weight loss than totally cutting it out, studies have indicated this.
  • The biggest risk with this diet is that it does not provide a healthy and long term weight loss as there is a good chance of relapsing back to the original weight once the diet is given up. For a healthy weight loss, lots of elements need to come together like cooking and the ways of consumption too which this diet tells nothing about.



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