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Beauty, Hair care Grandma’s Secret Recipe For Hair Growth

Grandma’s Secret Recipe For Hair Growth

By GP Team   

Having strong and quickly-growing hair is of concern to many women around the world. Yet, the salon treatments can be quite costly. Garlic can help prevent hair loss, as well as help hair grow more quickly. It can even help hair from turning grey or white.

This is because garlic has important elements in it, such as copper, selenium, sulfur and Vitamin C. These elements are essential to hair health. For instance, copper helps hair to grow more quickly, thickens the hair and makes the color more vibrant.

Today we will discuss how to use garlic to help your hair.

1. Mix With Coconut Oil

Add some garlic juice in coconut oil before massaging your scalp. Mix it well

Do this 2-3 times  awek

2. Add To Your Shampoo and/or Conditioner

Before applying shampoo add some garlic juice to this. Do this every time while you do shampoo

3. Mix With Olive Oil

If you prefer olive oil instead of coconut, add garlic juice to this. Alternatively just add 15-20 garlic cloves in olive oil and leave it for 10 days. Your oil is ready to use

4. Rub Into Head

Directly apply some garlic juice on your scalp and wash after 15 minutes




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