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Beauty, Hair care, Hair color Guidelines for self hair-coloring

Guidelines for self hair-coloring

By manisha   

So now you have made up your mind to go for self hair-coloring at home. You have talked to your best friend to take advantage of her rich experience. Has she advised you well enough?

We are sharing some very basic things people ignore when they do self hair-coloring and often end up in a bad hair day.

self hair-coloring

self hair-coloring

  • Try to restrict your choice of hair color within two shades of either lighter or darker shades of your current color. Going beyond this can make you feel awkward, trust me.
  • Keep in mind that any color will fade with each wash, so in case of confusion you can go for semi-permanent coloring first.
  • Use hand gloves to save staining on your hands. Better keep a stain remover bottle handy.
  • In order to prevent the dye from dripping on your face, spread a thin line of Vaseline along the hairline.
  • Before applying color, DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR, otherwise the hair’s natural oils will be washed away and your scalp will become prone to irritation.
  • After the job is done, use only “for colored hair ” shampoo, make sure the one you use also have UV filters to prevent color fading.


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