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Health, Pregnancy His Wife Had A Miscarriage 7 Months Later He Found THIS In The Bedroom!

His Wife Had A Miscarriage 7 Months Later He Found THIS In The Bedroom!

By Pradeepa Kumar   

This is definitely one of the most bizarre stories we’ve ever heard.

When a woman called Meredith was six weeks pregnant with her first child, doctors declared a very heartbreaking news that she had suffered a miscarriage. It was very depressing for  Meredith and her husband, Brandon and they were heartbroken.
Seven months later, one day Meredith began suddenly started experiencing severe stomach cramps. Brandon stood by her side as she screamed out in the bedroom.

Turned out Meredith was in labour!

The couple had no idea Meredith was even pregnant since she had a miscarriage seven months prior. To add to the confusion, her water did not break and she never felt any symptoms or changes that would indicate she was pregnant.

Still Meredith was having full-on labour pains.

Meredith and Brandon had no idea what they were supposed to do to deliver a baby, and before they knew it, Meredith had delivered a baby right there on the bedroom floor. The only problem? Meredith had no idea that she was still pregnant!


After all, she was under the assumption she had had a miscarriage seven months prior. To make matters even stranger, her water never broke and there were no physical signs of a continued pregnancy.
While Brandon was on the phone with 911 asking for help, the sac burst on its own.The operator told Brandon to unwrap the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck to allow it to breath properly.As soon as he did, the baby girl let out a cry.When the paramedics arrived, the new mom and her newborn baby were taken on separate ambulances to the hospital to be checked.

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Brandon and Meredith named their baby girl Ava.

Appropriately, her name is a variation of Eve. Her name means “life” in Hebrew.


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