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Health, Skin care Home Remedies for Burns

Home Remedies for Burns

Burns are classified in accordance with various degrees. First degree and second-degree burns are not as severe as third and fourth-degree burns and can be treated at home. If the burn is severe it requires immediate medical attention. Some of the common burn symptoms are redness of skin, pain and tenderness and the occurrence of blisters that may cause the skin to peel off. There are many simple home remedies for treating minor burns.


  1. Cold Water-
  • Immediately after a burn accident, it is essential to run cold water over the area.
  • This will not only soothe the pain but will also prevent further injuries.
  1. To ensure an adequate amount of comfort from the pain-
  • Run the affected area over cold water for at least 20 mins or until the skin feels cooled down. This provides relief from the burn and ensures that the injury does not worsen over time.
  1. Ensure that the Area is Clean-
  • As the cold water relieves the pain clean the area immediately with a mild antibacterial soap.
  • Always keep in mind that the area should not be scrubbed, else it will get worse.
  • Cleaning is essential to prevent the area from getting infected.
  1. Use Bandage if Necessary-
  • Not all burns require to be bandaged.
  • If the burn is not very severe it is best to leave it open and allow it to heal.
  • However, if there is an added risk of bacterial infection then loosely wrap a bandage over the area to protect it from dirt and pollutants.
Home Remedies for Burns

Home Remedies for Burns

Once immediate care has been taken, treat the burn with some widely available natural products.

  1. Honey- Honey is known to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying honey over the affected area will sterilize the burn and soothe it.
  2. Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera is also considered anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. At the same, the cooling effect of aloe vera gel eases the burnt pain to a considerable extent.
  3. Coconut Oil- A high source of Vitamin E, Coconut oil is also rich in fatty acids that have anti-fungal properties. This prevents infection of the burn. Further, coconut oil when mixed with lemon juice is highly effective in lightening scars left by burn injuries.
  4.  Black Tea- Black tea contains tannic acid and this draws out heat from the burn, thus reducing the pain.
  • To use black tea for burn treatment, place some wet black tea bags on the area and use gauze to secure them in place.
  1. Salt- Salt or sodium chloride naturally heals burns and prevents the formation of blisters.
  • To apply salt on the burn, add a few drops of water to salt.
  • When it becomes a paste-like consistency it is ready for application.
  • Leave it to dry for some time. Repeat this process as many times as possible daily.
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Besides treating the wound, additional preventive measures must also be taken. It is advisable to protect the area from direct sunlight so as not to worsen either the pain or the burn. If the pain is unmanageable then pain medications must also be taken for immediate relief. The home remedies will gradually treat the wound and provide complete healing.





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