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Home remedies to get soft hands

By Glowpink Staff   

Do kids scream when you touch their cheeks? the most common reason behind this is roughness of your hands. Every girl wants soft hands. If you have rough hands that look blistered then this post is for you. Below I have listed top remedies to get soft and beautiful hands:

1. Soak your hands in warm water

Very easy to use techniques to get soft hands, but make sure that water should not be too hot otherwise your hands will become dry. To get a fragrant and soothing experience, take a basin full of warm water, add a few drops of Lavender oil or Rose essential oil and soak your hands in that for 10 minutes.

soak hands in warm water

2. Apply Vaseline

To get much better results, first of all, soak our hands in warm water and then apply Vaseline before going to bed.

apply vaseline on hands

3. Sugar and olive oil for instant results

For instant results, mix 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil with a tablespoon of sugar and apply this paste on your hands. Olive oil is a great moisturizer, while sugar helps remove dead cells. Holding hands will be a divine experience for your partner.

sugar and olive oil on hands

4. Malai or Ghee

Take Malai or ghee on your palm and apply on your hands. Leave this for half an hour. Wash off with warm water. Do not use any soap. You will get softer hands if you use this remedy for one week


5. Butter and Almond oil

If you have wrinkles on your hands then this remedy is for you because almond oil enriched in Vitamin E

6. Apply mango butter

Apply some mango butter after completing your skincare regime. Carry it with yourself and reapply whenever necessary. Mango butter makes your hands soft and moisturized. We often tend to keep our palms unattended and they tend to dry out and become flaky. If you don’t want that happening then apply some mango butter even after washing your hands. Also, apply it to your elbows to keep your skin soft and supple.

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7. Apply aloe vera gel

If your hands feel dried out then apply aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel intensely hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturized all day long. If you want to shun chemical-based creams and moisturizers then opt for aloe vera gel. It is very hydrating and beneficial for your sensitive skin. Besides making your hands soft it also helps to soothe your skin if you are suffering from minor sunburns, skin irritations, and allergies.

8. Always carry a hand cream

All working women spend most of their time in air-conditioned offices. As a result of it, hands tend to get dried up after a while, the easiest way to keep your hands soft and supple is to apply hand cream. Hand Creams are easy to carry along and deeply moisturize your hands. They are specially formulated for your palms only, so do not touch your face after applying hand cream as it may break out sensitive skin.

9. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains many useful compounds for the benefit of the skin. Like fatty acids which help nourish the skin and promote its renewal to give you soft and smooth skin. Moreover, it has decent emollient properties which means its application helps to supply and subsequently retain the moisture in the skin. Thus, this is a great oil to moisturize the skin and make it softer and more supple in the process. To utilize coconut oil to make your hands soft, just take a little bit and rub it over your hands using gentle massaging. Then, leave it on there overnight or for a bit and cover your hands in gloves so that the coconut oil can seep in your skin properly and not get wiped off.

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10. Egg Yolk Remedy

Egg yolk is packed with proteins and other essential compounds for the skin like fats and water so it is excellent for nourishing and hydrating the skin. It helps moisturize the skin and furthermore helps the skin to retain said moisture for longer. Hence, it allows your skin to be softer and more supple and that too for longer periods of time. To utilize it properly to make your hands softer, first, extract the yolk from an egg and then combine it with a teaspoon of honey, half teaspoon almond powder, along with a few drops of rosewater. After that, just apply the mixture onto your hands and leave it on there for a while before washing it off. This simple remedy will make your hands soft and supple in no time.

11. Lemon and Honey Scrub

Lemon possesses characteristics like bleaching capabilities which allows it to lighten the pigmentation of the skin. It also cleanses the skin very well and stimulates its regeneration to allow for newer and softer tissues. Honey is highly nutritious for the skin and the body. It helps hydrate the skin properly and following that it also helps the skin to retain the moisture so that it stays soft and supple for longer. Moreover, it is packed with antioxidants too which protect the skin from various issues and prevent stuff like premature aging. We will also use baking soda in this remedy as it is a fantastic exfoliator of the skin and can effectively get rid of most of impurities and dirt from your skin like dead skin cells etc. To prepare this remedy just combine equal quantities of honey, lemon juice, and baking soda and then massage your hands with it. Rinse your hands after a few minutes of leaving the remedy on your skin. This is a simple, safe, and effective remedy for softening your hands right there in your home.

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12. Fruit Packs

You can utilize skin packs made out of different fruits to soften and improve the skin on your hands. Many fruits contain a large concentration of beneficial minerals and nutrients which improve the health of the skin. Moreover, fruits are also quite effective in hydrating the skin due to large concentrations of water in their composition. You can use papaya or a banana for this purpose. Just make a mash or paste out of their pulp and then use that akin to a skin pack. Apply it onto your skin, leave it there for a bit to soak it in, then rinse off and you are done!


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