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Beauty, Skin care Home remedies to remove stitches marks from face

Home remedies to remove stitches marks from face

By Glowpink Staff   

Stitches are necessary after accidents if your skin cannot heal on its own after injury or surgical procedures. Since this disrupts your skin’s natural healing process, the adjoining skin and stitched area may have a residual scar once healed. Ridding yourself of stitch scars on your face depends on size and severity. I have listed some of the most effective home remedies that you can try at home to remove the surgical scars easily at the comfort of your home without spending a fortune.

1. Cucumber paste

Cucumbers are composed of almost 90% water and are known to make skin soft and hydrated with periodic use. You can obtain cucumber paste commercially from stores or prepare your own organic cucumber paste at home by this simple method. Remove the seeds from the center and blend 3- 4 cucumbers with few mint leaves and one teaspoon of lemon juice. In a separate bowl crack an egg and beat thoroughly. Take out the contents in a jar and add the egg. Shake gently and apply the mixture on your face. Let it dry for 20 minutes and wash the face with tap water. You will feel a noticeable difference in the appearance of your scars.

2. Lemon juice

The alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) content of lemon juice has remarkable rejuvenation potential that is helpful in replacing dead, damaged skin cells by new cells that help in returning normal appearance of skin. In addition, lemon juice also acts as a mild exfoliative agent that helps in the process of regeneration and the bleaching action promotes the lightening of acne scars.Use a sterile cotton ball to apply lemon juice on the scarred skin and make sure the involved area of skin is fully covered. Wash your face with tap water after 10 minutes. Avoid going in bright sun if you have lemon juice on your face (and application of lemon juice may make your skin sensitive). If your skin gets painful or sensitive, avoid applying for a few days.

3. Honey

Raw honey acts as a natural moisturizer that helps in fading scars and promoting the regeneration and healing of the skin. For best results mix the honey with baking soda (1 teaspoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of baking soda) and massage your face for 3 to 4 minutes, especially concentrating on the scars. You can use a warm washcloth to provide deeper penetration and action. Once the washcloth has cooled down you can use it to wipe the honey and baking soda mask from your face. Additionally, you can prepare an excellent exfoliative mask by doubling the amount of baking soda (2 teaspoons of baking soda in one teaspoon of honey).

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4. Apply onion juice

Onion juice has anti-inflammatory properties and also serves to stimulate the collagen production from the skin that acts as a filling agent. Due to skincare functions of onion juice, various manufacturers sell onion jells that can be used effectively on the scars for maximal relief. Onion juice or gel works slowly and may take months to produce noticeable effects (so you may have to be very patient with this remedy).

5. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has strong scar removing properties that make it an ideal remedy to remove surgical scars and scars from the acne and other skin diseases. You can dilute it with water to obtain maximum benefits and to minimize skin irritation. Warm a bowl of water and add a small amount of tea tree oil. Prepare the soapy mixture and splash on your face. Let it stay for a few minutes and wash with tap water. You may experience mild tingling but that is normal due to astringent like the action of tea tree oil.

6. Indian gooseberry powder

Indian gooseberry is enriched with vitamin C, this chemical compound helps to fade away old scars from your face and prevents the formation of new scars on your face. If you make Indian gooseberry face pack regularly then you will be able to get rid of surgical scars from your face easily. All you have to do is mix equal ratios of these two ingredients in a container and your scar removal face pack is ready to be used. Cleanse your face with a mild face wash at first to make sure that your skin is squeaky clean before applying anything on your face. Take a generous amount of this face pack on your face pack applicator and apply it all over your face, focusing more on the affected area. Wait for about 15 minutes and allow your skin to absorb all the goodness from this face pack. Then, rinse it off with running tap water. You can use definitely use this face pack on every alternate day of the week. Olive oil nourishes the skin by intensely moisturizing it from deep within and helps to heal surgical scars.

7. Vitamin E oil

You must have heard about it and also used it in some of the home remedies by now. This inexpensive product can also help to reduce surgery scars to a great extent if it is used regularly. Just take a few vitamin E capsules, ooze out the oil from the capsules and apply it on the affected areas. Massage it for about 10 minutes in circular motions with a light hand. Keep it on for the next 20 minutes and then, wash it off with warm water. To get the best results, repeat this process at least thrice a day.

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8. Lavender oil

This beautiful aromatic oil is beneficial for your skin for ways more than one. If you already own a bottle of lavender oil or lavender essential oil, then look no further. Lavender oil helps to regenerate the skin tissues and heals them quickly. Hence you must apply this oil on your surgical scars every day and massage the affected areas in circular motions with a light hand for some time to get the best results. Don’t forget to mix it with a carrier oil if you are using lavender essential oil, as essential oils are very dense and chances are may burn your delicate skin.

9. Rosehip seed oil

Rosehip seed oil is a natural source of fatty acids and it helps to remove stubborn scars from the face easily and effectively at home. Besides that, this is a dry oil and it does not feel greasy on the skin at all. So if you have oily skin then you can also apply this oil as it won’t break you out. Mix rosehip seed oil with a little bit of frankincense oil and then apply it on the affected area and massage it in circular motions until it gets completely absorbed by your skin. You can definitely notice a reduction in the appearance of the surgery scar if you use this concoction everyday religiously.

10. Wheatgerm oil

Wheatgerm oil is an active ingredient that is used in many DIY home remedies and commercial products available in the market and the users swear by its benefits on the skin. If you are someone who is tired of trying and testing out different products to fade away stubborn surgery scars from your face then give wheat germ oil a try. It is enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which helps to recover the damaged skin tissues. Applying wheat germ oil on the affected areas will bring about an improvement in blood circulation and that in turn will ensure the skincare products that you use, penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin. Thus, quickening up the process of healing your skin to a great extent.

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11. Make your own surgical scar removal cream at home

If you are someone who prefers natural ingredients to harsh chemical infused commercial products, then you have landed on the right page. This homemade scar removal cream will be your holy grail as it will definitely remove all surgical scars from your face and you can spot the difference right after the first use. To make this surgical scar removal cream you will need, 0.25 oz OF vitamin E oil, 3 oz of extra virgin coconut oil, 40 drops of frankincense essential oil, 1 oz of beeswax, 2 oz of shea butter, 20 drops of lavender essential oil and 20 drops of helichrysum essential oil. To make this cream take coconut oil and shea butter in a pan and heat it to melt it properly and then add besswax and stie until everything gets mixed up properly. Now add in vitamin E oil and the essential oils in the specified quantities and whisk it until it turns into a creamy texture. Transfer the contents in an airtight jar, apply this cream on the affected areas at least twice a day to get the best results.

12. DIY scar calendula oil scar treatment recipe

If a surgical scar on your face bothers you more often than not then it is time to take action and do something about it. If you are scared to apply and topical ointment with the fear of making the appearance of your surgical scar even worse, then give this home remedy a try and you can definitely thank us later for suggesting this home remedy. Just take 2 tablespoons of freshly scooped aloe vera gel from an aloe vera leaf, around 15 drops of turmeric essential oil, green tea oil, rosemary essential oil, helichrysum essential oil, sea buckthorn oil, and a drop of calendula oil and sesame oil in a container. Next up, use a wooden spoon to mix these ingredients, keep mixing until it turns into a smooth, white, creamy-textured scar removal cream. You have to apply this cream on the affected areas every day before hitting the bed and massage it in to get the best results.




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