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Beauty, Hair care Home Remedies To Treat Hair Split Ends

Home Remedies To Treat Hair Split Ends

By Muskan Minda   

Split ends are a universal problem of the hair. At one time the only solution was to trim it regularly. Recently I came to know about some homemade remedies that can help us in getting rid of it with simple natural ingredients.

Ripe Banana + Plain Yogurt + Lemon Juice + Rose Water Treatment

How To:

  1. Take one ripe banana, peel it and cut it in small pieces.
  2. Put it in a blender and add two tbsp of plain yogurt that is easily available at our home.
  3. Blend it properly to get an even and smooth paste.
  4. Add half tbsp of lemon juice and one tsp of cool rose water into it.
  5. Mix it once again and pour it in a glass bowl.
  6. Apply this banana mask on your hair from roots to tips with help of a brush or you can use a color applicator.
  7. Leave it for one hour.
  8. Wash it away with lukewarm water.

How it Works:

Ripe banana is enriched with vitamin E, C and A, iron, zinc and natural oil that reduces hair fall and resumes its natural elasticity. Yogurt is rich in protein that nourishes hair, lactic acid that cleans and clears dead cells and thus encourages proper growth by treating split ends. Lemon juice removes the excess oils from the hair and reduces the growth of split ends. Rose water acts as a soothing and calming agent on the hair. This hair mask is very effective as it improves manageability, repairs, moisturizes and softens hair and most importantly treats split ends. It should be used every week for treating split ends.

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Egg Yolk + Raw Honey + Olive Oil Treatment

How To:

  1. Take one egg and extract its yolk in a glass bowl.
  2. Add one tsp of raw honey and three tsp of olive oil into it.
  3. Whisk them all together to make a smooth and even paste.
  4. Apply this on your hair with help of a brush or a color applicator from roots to tips properly so that every strand is covered properly, especially at the tips.
  5. Leave it for forty minutes.
  6. Wash it away with cold water.
  7. Make sure you are not using warm water as it will cause more harm than good as the egg will otherwise stick on the hair strands.
  8. You can use a mild shampoo after ten minutes.

How it Works:

Olive oil and raw honey acts as a hydrating agent and moisturizes the dry and damaged split ends. Olive oil is also an antioxidant that brings back the shine to the hair. Eggs are enriched with protein and fatty acids that help to strengthen hair follicles and encourages new growth.  It reduces tangles and the formation of split ends. All the ingredients work together to treat split ends. This hair mask must be applied at least once a week for a minimum of two months so that you can see the results of your labor.

By reading my post you must have realized that using natural ingredient can help us in getting rid of split ends quite easily. Friends now you can solve this problem at home without any undue hassles.

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