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Beauty, Skin care Home Remedies That Will Change Your Life

Home Remedies That Will Change Your Life

By GP Team   


On any given day, your body can throw a loop on you. You may wake up with a sore throat or you might get foot blister right after wearing the new pair of shoes you just bought. To combat these small issues, you may have often run for over the counter medicines. But did you know that you can rid such common ailments with natural remedies with the some common ingredients available at your home. Scroll over to find home remedies, they are quick, easy to follow and safe to use :

Today I am going to tell you one very simple trick that will remove all your blackheads instantly and is very effective to shrink large skin pores, so it is overall a permanent solution to blackheads problem

For this remedy you will need

Egg white
Tissue paper
Paint on the first layer of egg white

After painting on the first layer, immediately press on the tissue.

Allow this tissue to dry before applying more layers. You will apply tissue on top of each layer before it dries

Apply another layer of egg white.

Let this tissue dry and then apply one more alyer of egg white

Once you feel, complete mask is dry, peel it off and wash your face



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