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Beauty, Skin care Homemade pimple face wash

Homemade pimple face wash

By Muskan Minda   

Who does not like a flawless and clear skin? We all want to look and feel beautiful and hence do our best to protect it from any kind of damage. Pimples are simply not in our control because the teenage years tend to create havoc with the hormonal system and voila, you start seeing them on your once unblemished skin. Do not worry and take a step back. It is just a phase and will go away if you take good and proper care of your skin. Do not use chemical-laden products which are available in the market. Your skin will not thank you if you are ravaging it with chemicals hence it is a good time for making homemade face wash that will leave your skin free of pimples.

The homemade face wash is natural, easy-to-make, safe and gentle on the skin. It fights pimples without clogging the pores and drying the skin. Some easy-to-use homemade pimple face wash are as follows-

  • Honey and cinnamon face wash and mask

Honey and cinnamon make a good combination for the removal of pimples even if the former is sticky and the latter spicy. Honey is enriched with natural antibiotic properties and cinnamon is rich in antimicrobial components and together they create magic by wiping out the pimples. In order to prepare this mask, you need two tbsp of honey and one tsp of cinnamon along with some paper towels. Rinse your face thoroughly with water and pat it dry. Mix both honey and cinnamon in mentioned quantities to form a paste. It works two-ways as a face wash and as a mask. If you want a face wash then you can take the mixture and gently apply it on your face in circular motion for at least three minutes or you can apply it on the face like a mask and leave it to dry for fifteen minutes. Rinse it off with normal tap water and pat it dry. Regular usage is necessary for desired results.

  • Papaya face wash
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Papaya is a fruit enriched with an enzyme papain that minimizes inflammation. It has natural properties for removing excess lipids and dead skin cells and thus is a favorite amongst households for preparing pimple removing masks. Preparation of papaya mask is easy. Just take a slice of fresh papaya and mash it well. It is better to rinse your face with tap water and pat it dry to remove the accumulated dirt. Apply the mashed papaya on your face and scrub it like a face wash for few minutes. The papaya paste can also be used as a mask by leaving it on for twenty minutes. Rinse with normal water. If you are applying it as a face wash no need for additional moisturizer but if used as a mask then apply your regular moisturizer after cleaning it with water. Papaya is easily available at our home and is one of the best homemade remedies for removing pimples.

  • Honey and turmeric face wash

Organic honey has both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can erase pimples and prevent infection. It also softens and soothes the skin. Turmeric is enriched with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties that impart fairness and removes pimples and blemishes from the skin. We will also need baking soda which contains antiseptic components to cleanse and neutralize the formation of pimples. Firstly wet your face with some lukewarm water. Now take one tsp honey, half tsp of baking soda and a pinch of turmeric. Place all three on your palms and rub your hands together a few times. Gently massage it on your face in circular motion for two to three minutes. Rinse your face with normal tap water and pat it dry. This homemade and natural remedy purifies the skin by removing dead cells and excess oil. Use it regularly for the pimple-free skin.

  • Oatmeal face wash
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Oatmeal is easily found in every household and it has effective properties to combat the formation of pimples. It easily absorbs bacteria and excess oil and thus exfoliates the dead cells on the skin that are reasons for blocking the pores. Oatmeal is enriched with astringent properties that tighten and cleans the pores on the skin. Preparation of oatmeal face wash is easy. Take half cup of oatmeal along with two tbsp of plain yogurt, which is available in our homes, in a bowl and mix it until it becomes even. Use your fingers to massage it in a circular motion on your face for few minutes. Now take a hat washcloth and place it on the face for a minute. Wait a minute or two and now wipe off the face wash with this washcloth. This is one of the most commonly used homemade face wash and regular usage will help to remove the pimples from your face.

  • Clay and aspirin face wash

Clay can absorb excess sebum, dirt, and oil from the skin and hence is considered a very good cleanser. It also acts as a soothing and refreshing agent against skin irritation. Aspirin is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and together with clay can remove the unwanted pimples from your face. Preparing the face wash is quite easy. Take a bowl and add two tsp of clay. Take two aspirin and crush it in powdered form and now add it to the bowl. Add a little water and make a smooth paste. Wash your face with normal water to remove excess dirt and oil. Now gently apply this paste on your face with your fingers in a circular motion. After three minutes wash it off with cool water and pat it dry. If your skin feels a bit dry then you can apply a few drops of normal moisturizer.

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Our skin is very sensitive and demanding. It needs proper and regular care and maintenance so that it looks fresh and healthy. Pimples are one of the most common problems the skin has to face but by applying homemade remedies it can be cured easily. It is best to go for natural remedies because they do not have any side-effects and cannot harm the skin.


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