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Health How A Baby Develops From 1 Week To 40 Weeks In Mother’s Womb

How A Baby Develops From 1 Week To 40 Weeks In Mother’s Womb

By GP Team   

baby development inside womb

First Trimester

First Trimester is very crucial for every pregnant woman as the risk of miscarriage is always there. First trimester serves as the sensitive period when fetus early development takes place. First month is all about mood swings and pregnancy symptoms, changes start in the fertilized egg. You miss your period and hormonal changes in the body start.

As soon as you reach the second month your baby’s heart is formed and it starts beating. The first trimester is tough for every woman, nausea, morning sickness, vomiting and all hormonal changes start taking place resulting in severe mood swings.

In the third month you can now clearly hear your baby’s heart. You are now used to sick feeling and the changes happening in your body.

Drink lots of water to save yourself from Dehydration, your body needs lots of nutrients so do not skip fruits and salads. Eat healthy to have a healthy baby and an easy pregnancy.

Second Trimester

During the second trimester, one will start gaining weight and can feel the bump growing. Second trimester is also very exciting for pregnant women as now they can feel the movements of the fetus.

Although these movements of fetus sometimes can cause pain but the feeling of enjoying the movement of the fetus is much more than the pain.

The risk of miscarriage ends with the start of the second trimester.

Third Trimester

Your fetus now has a bond with you. It can even recognize voices. The third trimester is the hardest, as now the excitement of getting the baby in your hand grows and waiting for another 2 months seems like years. The bump grows and it becomes hard for you to walk, sit or sleep. Take good care of your posture while sitting or sleeping to avoid back pain.

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Movement becomes faster and now even your partner can feel the baby kicking. In the start of 9th month, your baby is fully formed, it is time for last time touch ups, yes that’s for real. Your weight and bump grow very quickly in the last month.

Due date is a mere guess, so do not expect the baby to be out on the exact date. Labor pains are the signals given by the body that the baby is pushing it out and finding the way out.