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Beauty How does it feel to be extremely attractive?

How does it feel to be extremely attractive?

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Answer 1
There is a girl in my high school class (I will call her K) who is, arguably, the most beautiful girl at our school. K plans on becoming a professional actress after graduation and has been routinely cast as the leads in our school plays and student films because she is very talented and, of course, very good-looking. She was also voted as one of the representatives of the Theatre Department.

Along with her stunning beauty, K is very sweet and friendly, and she always has a smile on her face. From the outside, she seems to have everything: good looks, popularity, a sought-after boyfriend, leads in the school plays. I have walked around with her outside of school and strangers always stare at her, and she’s told me how she routinely gets approached by men asking for her number. However, interestingly enough, she does not have very many close female friends. There are many girls that fawn over her, just like the male students, teachers, and casting directors, but there is a certain distance too. While the girls are very nice to her in person, she is rarely invited to their events and get-togethers.

Recently, in a class I have with K, the teacher asked that we all sit in a circle and tell a secret to the class. The secret could be something minor, like cheating on a test, or something much more serious. When it was K’s turn to speak, she talked about how she was molested by her female babysitter in elementary school. When she was older, she began to get molested by her father, and she never told anyone because she didn’t want her younger siblings to grow up without a father. She also told us, in tears at this point, how she had been bulimic in her early years of high school and had serious body image issues.

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She is also heavily sexualized by almost everyone around her. Last weekend was the opening night of the Theatre Department’s newest show, and K was playing one of the leads: a 193os New York City prostitute. She had minimal makeup on, and was wearing a tight skirt that reached her knees and a tight button-up shirt that just showed an inch of cleavage. It was hardly scandalous, but I remember when she first walked onstage, the audience began to snicker. I looked around, and I saw my classmates, most of which were teenage girls, whispering to each other as K began her scene. It was a serious, dramatic scene, and yet the tittering continued. I heard a girl hiss behind me, “Do you see what she’s wearing?”

Now, these are only observations, but from what I’ve seen there are plenty of negatives that come with being a gorgeous female.

Answer 2

It’s not so much about looks as it is about how you feel about yourself. My ability to turn heads have long faded with age, but I can tell you, having had a pretty miserable childhood, I would consciously know I was turning heads, but for me there was a disconnect, having such low self-esteem and loathing,  I couldn’t connect what anyone would even look at.

By the time I had enough counseling to change my view of myself, I enjoyed the feeling, but really only experienced it for a few years.

To have good looks is very nice. But one learns that looks are not what make a person’s beauty. It’s their compassion and humor, depth, intellect and warmth. You can be physically the most beautiful person in the world, but if you are shallow and don’t have humility, you are pretty dog goned unattractive.  And it doesn’t take people very long to see that clearly.

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Answer 3

Being extremely attractive means:

  • you’ll always be turning heads
  • you’ll get lots of compliments on your looks
  • at times you might be harassed
  • you’ll have many friends, a percentage of them being your friend only because you look good
  • people will constantly hit on you
  • there will always be jealous people who’ll try to put you down
  • you can’t be a wallflower (blend in crowds)
  • you might be photographed by strangers
  • friends might not like you for stealing their crush’s attention
  • people will be confused when you don’t go for ‘actor/actress/model’ roles
  • some people may be scared to approach you because you make them feel inferior

These points are both pros and cons, and are the main things highly attractive people experience in everyday life.


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