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Beauty, Make-up How To Apply Eyeshadow – Methods of Application & More

How To Apply Eyeshadow – Methods of Application & More

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How to apply eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is a cosmetic product that is usually worn by women on their eyelids and in areas under the eyebrow. This product makes one look attractive and beautiful. The eyeshadow imparts a form of depth to the eyes, make one’s eyes look bigger or smaller than they are, adds dimensions to the eyes and complement one’s eye colour. The eyeshadow comes in various forms and colours. It is mainly made from powder and mica and it can also be found in pencil, mousse, liquid or cream form. There are numerous brands of eyeshadow with a varying price range which may fluster a beginner who does not know what to pick. One can also make eyeshadow at home with a few household products. With practice and patience, each woman can be aware of the colour, texture and style of eyeshadow she prefers and can master the art of how to apply eyeshadow!

How To Apply Eyeshadow - Methods of Application & More

How To Apply Eyeshadow – Methods of Application & More

Different ways to apply eyeshadow
Homemade natural eyeshadow recipes
Myths & Facts

Different ways to apply eyeshadow

Before going into the techniques of applying eyeshadow, there are a few basic things required before applying eyeshadow.

  1. Choose the right texture of eyeshadow that one may like. Cream eyeshadows tend to crease quickly, whereas powder eyeshadows are hard to control due to its loose structure.
  2. For a beginner, choosing an eyeshadow colour can be a nightmare. It is easiest to start out with neutral tones. Pick out 3 shades in the neutral tone, in either the brown or grey range.
  3. The right kind of brushes is the most important. Using fingers is also alright, but applying eyeshadow with hands may not be done as evenly and as smoothly as with a brush. A stiff flat brush should be used to evenly spread out the eyeshadow over the entire eye-lid. A stiff domed brush or soft brush should be used to spread the eyeshadow outward properly and a soft pencil brush should be used to properly apply the eyeshadow in areas close to the lashes.
  4. Speed and brush strokes are the most important tasks when applying eyeshadow.

Some techniques of applying eyeshadow include:

  1. When applying the pigment on the eyelid at first, pat the eyeshadow on the eyelid and do not stroke the colour onto the entire eyelid. This method avoids a patchy appearance.
  2. Use of short and slow brush strokes, towards the same direction, helps to blend the colours.
  3. Only when it is a highlighter shade of colour, the eyeshadow should be applied all the way up to the area under the eyebrows.

Eyeshadow in Fanned Style

  1. Start out with a highlighter shade or take the lightest colour and apply it on the inner corner of the eye with a stiff flat brush. Sweep it vertically and also a bit under the eyebrows.
  2. With the colour that is a shade darker than the previous one, pat it over the entire eyelid with a flat brush. Do not go beyond the crease or outwards towards the corner of the eye.
  3. Using the dome brush, contour the eyelid with the darkest shade of eyeshadow. Begin from the outward corner of the eye and sweep the brush to over the centre of the crease. Keep the eyeshadow the darkest along the lash line.
  4. Clean the dome brush and use it to blend in all the 3 colours, letting it fade completely into one another and giving it a nice hue. For this part, it is better to use soft brush strokes to avoid any mess by spilling it outside.
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Eyeshadow in Round Style

  1. Use the middle shade of colour and apply it over the eyelid with a flat stuff brush, Focus on the centre of the eyelid.
  2. Using the dome brush, apply the darker shade of eyeshadow on the top and bottom of the shade applied previously, giving a dark-middle-dark shade across the eyelid. Do not apply this completely towards the inner corner of the eye. One can also drag this shade out upward to give a loud look.
  3. Clean the dome brush and once wiped dry, use it to blend in the colours. Avoid brushing in the dark shade to the middle of the eyelid. Make the brush strokes short and outward to blend the medium shade on the dark.

Eyeshadow in Banana Style

  1. With a stiff flat brush, cover the entire eyelid with the middle hue. Use the highlighter shade to smudge the inner corner of the eyes or below the eyebrow. This helps to brighten up the face.
  2. Darken the crease with the darkest shade of colour, using a pencil brush. One can choose to create a regular banana with the darkest eyeshadow only on the crease, or a closed crease banana with the eyeshadow running all the way to end of the lash line. Make this line relatively thinner on the eyelid.
  3. Use a clean and dry pencil brush to blend the eyeshadow and blur the outer edges. Make sure not to over-blend it. It needs to remain prominent.

To Create a Smokey Eye

  1. Take a flat and firm brush to apply the highlighter or the lighter hue from the inner corner of the eyes, all the way to under the eyebrows.
  2. Clean the flat firm brush to use it with the medium hue which should be applied to the entire eyelid. Apply this shade from the base of the lash line to slightly above the crease. Avoid touching the highlighter shade with this one.
  3. Apply the darkest shade with a domed brush along the upper lash line. Sweep this shade across the eyelid but only on the bottom 1/3rd of it. Use a pencil brush to make a precise line along the lash line.
  4. Apply the darkest shade, with a pencil brush, along with the lower lash line. Start from outwards and go in, gradually making it lighter as one gets closer to the inner tear duct of the eye.
  5. Use a domed brush to blend the shadows together. Create a smooth gradient of colour. For this, slowly, using short strokes, softly fade the darkest shadow into the middle hue. Do not come in contact with the thin dark line near the lash line as that could smudge and ruin it completely.
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Homemade natural eyeshadow recipes

Recipe #1 – Cream Eyeshadow Recipe


  1. 8-9 White Beeswax Pastilles
  2. 1 teaspoon of refined shea butter
  3. 0.75ml of jojoba essential oil
  4. 3.75ml of vegetable glycerine
  5. 12 drops of vitamin E oil
  6. 2 teaspoons of eye-safe pigment powder.
  7. ¼ teaspoon of cosmetic pearl mica powder


  1. Melt the beeswax pastilles and shea butter in the microwave for 1-2 minutes (until it melts completely). Add the glycerine, Vitamin E oil and jojoba oil to this melted mix.
  2. Mix in the pigment powder and mica powder into the liquid, little by little, till the dry ingredients get fully incorporated.
  3. Once completely mixed, this should be allowed to sit for a day before using it. This allows one to get the best results.

Recipe #2 – Powdered Eyeshadow Recipe


The following measurements are for half a teaspoon of eyeshadow, which is enough to experiment with. Scale it accordingly, for desired amounts.

  1. 1/4th teaspoon of arrowroot powder
  2. 1/8th teaspoon of magnesium stearate
  3. 3-4 drops of jojoba oil or watermelon seed oil
  4. 1/16th – 1/4th teaspoon of eye-safe pearl mica powder


  1. Add the magnesium stearate to the arrowroot powder in a bowl and blend it with a small fork or pestle.
  2. Add the drops of watermelon seed oil or jojoba oil one at a time and blend after adding each drop for it to get properly incorporated into the mixture. Repeat this process until the adequate number of drops is added.
  3. Transfer this mixture into a new bowl and make sure no unblended matter is transferred. Add the eye-safe pearl mica powder and mix it well with a small fork or spoon. Add as much of the mica powder as one wish till the desired shade of coloured is achieved.
  4. Transfer this mixture into the packaging of choice for using eyeshadow.


  1. Keep the box having the eyeshadow closed tight to avoid spilling of any loose eyeshadow.
  2. Replace the eyeshadow with a fresh batch if one develops an eye infection.
  3. Make a fresh batch of eyeshadow every 4 months.
  4. Never apply eyeshadow while seated in a moving vehicle. One should be still in a position when applying shadow to get the required precision.
  5. Always wash hands and the eyeshadow brush thoroughly, before using it.
  6. Do not share the eyeshadow with other people.
  7. Do not apply eyeshadow in a haste. Always be slow and steady.

Myths and Facts

Myths Facts
Eyeshadow cannot match the eye colour. It is well known that eyeshadows colours, when contrasting the eye colour, really give a good pop of colour but that does not mean that when eyeshadow matches the colour of the eye, it does not look good. This is a misconception. Brown eyeshadow on brown eyes gives a bold look and sometimes looks better than contrast.
Only matte eyeshadow suits women older than 30, they should not wear shimmer eyeshadow. Too much of matte eyeshadow enhances the creases and fine lines, whereas a hint of sheen on the eyeshadow makes the eyes and face look brighter. To stay on the safe side, mix both, matte and sheen for the perfect eyeshadow colour and glimmer. Sweep a soft sheen all over the eyelid with a soft brush. Using a ponytail brush, contour the eye with a neutral, matte tone.
A smokey eye only looks good when a woman is in her teens or 20s. This is a myth as there are women who are in their 60s wearing a smokey eyeshadow style and they look nothing but beautiful. Smokey eye being strong when worn makes the eye colour and conveys confidence in a woman’s look.
Eyeshadow does not get dirty. Anything that stays in one place for long is bound to gather dust and dirt. Make it a habit to clean the eyeshadow brushes and along with this, make it a point to scrap off the topmost layer of pigment in the eyeshadow palette. This is not wasting the product as that part of the product is dirty and unusable, while the rest of it is as good as new.
How To Apply Eyeshadow - Methods of Application & More

How To Apply Eyeshadow – Methods of Application & More

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can one wear contact lenses when wearing eye-shadow? If so, when does one put on the lens?

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Contact lenses can be worn when one is wearing eye-shadow or any make-up. It is better to wear the contact lenses prior to applying eyeshadow to avoid residue transfer. Likewise, one should remove the contacts prior to removing eyeshadow.

2. Are there substitutes for mica powder in the recipes?

There are quite a number of items that act as substitutes for mica powder when using to make eyeshadow at home. Some of these items may include turmeric (Haldi), beetroot and cocoa powder.

3. Can a person just use one colour due to lack of time while getting dressed?

Yes, one can definitely use only a single colour. A shade of brown, beige or ivory is recommended. Sweep this shade over the entire eyelid till the desired look is achieved.

4. How can one apply eyeshadow with a round shaped eye?

If there is trouble applying eyeshadow to certain parts of the eyelid, it is advised to slightly (but not too much) pull the eyelid, where the eye creases and apply the shadow. Using a mirror at this stage will help reach those difficult areas.

5. How to press in the loose eyeshadow?

Take a spoonful of loose eyeshadow and put it in a container. Add a drop of rubbing alcohol. The more diluted the alcohol, the less time it will take for the shadow to dry. Mix well after adding the drop. Continue to add a drop and mix it till the loose powder becomes a single blob. Keep this blob of eyeshadow in the container wherein the shadow is kept for use. Stuff it in and tightly close it placing a heavy object on it, allowing the blob of pigment to be pressed into the container and leave it overnight. One can be certain that the eyeshadow is ready when they run a finger on the shadow and only the powder sticks to the skin, with the pigment intact in the container.


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