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Beauty, Hair care, Home remedies How to increase volume of hair in just 30 minutes

How to increase volume of hair in just 30 minutes

By Glowpink Staff   

Okay so sometimes we suddenly pan something but we don’t have enough time to get ready. While getting ready, the hairdo is the most important and time-consuming part. Here’s what can do to save you from a bad hair day and get a bouncy voluminous hair and leave a lasting impression on others.

To get rid of oily hair use talcum powder

  • If you do not have to time to wash your hair but you want to get rid of oily hair, here is the solution.
  • If your Hair Is Dry, and you don’t want to wet it with shampooing.
  • Do this, probably most people know about this technique, use talcum powder, just a little bit and pat on your palms, then run your fingers across your hairs in a messy manner, and your oiliness will vanish and you’ll end up with a perfect matte-finished hair.

Do some styling

  • If you have some time, you can do some hair styling
  • Here is what you need to style your hair-Some holding clips, one big barrel curling iron, stronghold hairspray, water spray, styling comb and, a rubber band.

If your hair is up to shoulder length

  • Spray some water with a sprayer, don’t have to take a total bath for just wetting your hair, now clip a section of your hair from the top of your head first with hair clippers.
  • Now hold the blow dryer downwards vertically towards the comb and comb in with a fine comb the hairs left on all sides that are not clipped to the top.
  • While you go down your hair sections combing and blowing them, end the combing process towards the ends in an inward curl.
  • Repeat the process for each small section for 4 times.
  • And then after you’re done here, now leave the top clipped section and repeat the blow drying process to them also.
  • Else you may unclip the upper section and immediately flip the hair in front of your face, and start combing them outwards with your comb and blow-drying them at the same time.
  • Now set them backward, spray some strong hold hair spray to maintain the volume for a longer time and you’ll see how your hair volume has increased instantly.
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If your hair is below shoulder

  • First make two sections of your hair from the top, not sideways.
  • The section to the back of the head, tie it into a ponytail.
  • The section in front , first comb it and hold it straight in your hand , then spray some strong hold hair spray and put the curling barrel in and curl it back ways, remove the curler slowly , holding the curled bunch and immediately clip it with a holding clip, so that it doesn’t slide down.
  • Next, do the ponytail in the same fashion, make two sections of it or three if your hair is thick and taking one by one the sections, comb, spray, curl and clip.
  • After all the hard work when the curls are standing on your head one by one arranged vertically clipped, then cool it off with a cooling blow dryer or if you don’t have a cooling button in your blow dryer then just wait for 10 minutes to let the spray set in and the hair to cool down.
  • Now remove the clips and flip your head upside down, mess up and spread the hair a little with your fingers and shake your head a little, put some more strong hold hair spray and come back to normal position, don’t comb anymore, just enjoy your amazing more volume bouncy curls.

Follow a proper diet

  • Healthy, bouncy and nourished hair brings you a step closer to look your best.
  • If you want long hair that can be styled easily without putting in too many efforts then follow a proper diet.
  • Make sure that your diet consists enough of beans, legumes, proteins and other ingredients that are very essential to keep your hair healthy and nourished skin that glows from deep within.
  • Biotin, zinc, and proteins are a must in your diet if you want long, strong and smooth hair.
  • Don’t consume too much oily or processed food as it will break your skin out and also give you an oily scalp that has to be washed often.
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Use the hair oil to massage your scalp

  • I am sure that you also love a hot oil scalp massage just like me.
  • And why won’t you? After all its very relaxing and allows you to destress for a while.
  • Enjoy a hot oil head massage to nourish your scalp from deep within and you are good to go.
  • Follow up with your regular shampoo and hair conditioner to get the best results.
  • To get the best results, mix your carrier oil with a few drops of essential oil and you are good to go.

Volumizing shampoo and conditioner to your rescue

  • If you have thin, flat and lifeless hair then this may be your best friend.
  • Volumizing shampoo and conditioners are used to add more volume to your tresses.
  • You must not expect any drastic change right after the first use but eventually, the quality of your hair will improve.
  • However, you must not wash your hair more than twice a week, or it will strip away all the botanical oil from your scalp.
  • Always use a volumizing hair conditioner in tandem with a volumizing shampoo to get the best results.

Let a scalp serum work wonders for your hair

  • I am sure that you use a skin serum after a moisturizer before hitting the bed.
  • Just like your skin, your scalp also needs some pampering and extra nourishment.
  • Use a scalp serum to stimulate hair growth and nourish your hair follicles.
  • A little goes a long way, take a tad bit of the product, warm it up by rubbing it in between your palms and massage it in your scalp with your fingertips to get the best results.
  • If it is a water-based hair serum then you can use it every day but if it is a gel-based or cream-based serum then use it every alternate day of the week.
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