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Weight loss With just 1 cup of this after every meal I lost 10Kgs weight. No Diet No Gym

With just 1 cup of this after every meal I lost 10Kgs weight. No Diet No Gym

By Glowpink Staff   

Hopping from one set to another, comedienne Bharti Singh keeps her energy and humour intact. “It can get tiring standing on stilettoes, I prefer flats,” she says, kicking off her heels. The comedienne believes that if she was born fat and has remained that way, then that must be God’s plan for her.

Blessed to be fat

As a kid, Bharti was ridiculed for her size. Even her mother nagged her to lose weight – “You have to marry, Bharti,” she would say. But Bharti’s biggest problem was that she couldn’t fit into stylish clothes. “Double XXL readymade dresses hadn’t hit the market; there were no plus sizes,” she says. “I had to buy men’s T-shirts and jeans. I used to curse God for having made me fat.”

Years later, participating in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Bharti thanked God for her size. “Yahaan bhi motaape ki baat hoti thi (They spoke about being fat here too). But I won the second position,” she says. “When I joined TV, I started taking digs at myself; that is what people started loving me for. I realised that my fatness was actually God’s gift, and I better respect that.”

Going green

For dance reality TV series Nach Baliye, Bharti rehearsed almost six hours a day. The result: she lost 10 kilos. “I don’t want to become sookdi (super slim). I neither go to a gym, nor do I have a dietician.” Her Baliye (partner) Harsh gave her good advice. “He told me to have green tea after every meal. People are commenting that I am losing weight.”

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She’s bindaas with her diet. “I’m a Punjaban who eats parathas and omelette. I shoot till late and have dinner at 5am. I have lunch at 2pm, that’s why my health suffers sometimes.”

Bharti prefers homemade food, but will settle for Maggi or bread omelette or Subway. No salads please! “I need to eat roti, sabzi, dal…” She wants to join a gym to stay fit. She recommends a medical check-up before taking up a weight-loss plan.

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