Recipe of oil that helps to regrow lost hair

Who doesn’t yearn for long lustrous hair? But often due to lack of nourishment and damage or hair growth is hindered. In this post I am going to share one remedy that really helped me to grow new hair faster

To make this hair growth diy, you will need

  • Betal leaf
  • Curry leaf
  • Hibiscus leat
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Nigella seeds &
  • Virgin coconut oil

Steps to follow:

  • Chop 1 betal leaf in bowl
  • Add 10-15 curry leaves in this
  • Next comes hibiscus leaves, add 2-3 chopped hibiscus leaves in this, if you want you can also add 1 flower in this
  • After that add 2 spoons of fenugreek seeds and 1 spoon of nigella seeds in this
  • Put this mixture in grinder and grind it
  • Add 2 cups of virgin coconut oil in this powder and mix it
  • Heat this oil using double boiler method for 15-20 minutes, and your hair growth diy is ready
  • Massage your scalp with this oil twice a week, leave for 2-3 hours and then wash it off with mild shampoo


Betel leaves, also known as paan patta are packed with antioxidants and vitamin C which are great for your hair.

They condition the hair and make your hair thick and long. It also helps in treating issues like itchiness, dandruff, and split ends. 

Hibiscus leaves have amino acids that nourish your hair and make your roots strong and healthy. 

Curry leaves have antioxidants which clear the dead hair follicles and lead to new hair growth. Also, these leaves have protein, beta-carotene which prevents hair loss and hair thinning.