Non-Stop Hair Growth

We all wish to get long beautiful healthy hair strands, but this journey is not easy for most of us. Few people are blessed with healthy strong hair roots but many of us has to work hard for it, at least completely true in my face. 

After my daughter’s birth, hair fall made a roaring and soaring debut in my life. Not just hair fall, but dry, dull hair, with split ends and dandruff ruled my scalp for almost a year, until I decided to change it. I tried few diys shared by my grandma, not all of them worked but few worked like a miracle. Today in this post I am going to share all those with you

DIY#1 – ACV with Coconut Oil

You will need apple cider vinegar and coconut oil

No more than ten drops of Apple Vinegar, along with Coconut oil, makes a great DIY hair tonic for lifeless hair strands. Apply it, say eight to ten hours before head bath, and massage the scalp well. Use Luke warm water for shampoo, and use this once a week. You can make a hair solution and store it in a glass bottle

DIY#2 – Ginger & Onion Juice Hair Tonic

You can choose either of them.If your hair growth is scanty, go for Onion juice, and if, dull, split ends bother you, then go for Ginger juice.

 Onions are supposed to help in hair growth. Ginger is supposed to regulate the circulation of blood from scalp to the tip of hair strands making your hair long and shiny.

This recipe is really simple to make and you have to apply the ginger juice on the scalp, leave it on for thirty minutes and then wash off. Repeat it once a week for best results. It is one of the bestselling hair oils in the market.

DIY#3 – Mustard Oil & Fenugreek Seeds

In 1 cup of Mustard oil add 3 spoons of Fenugreek seeds. Heat it for ten minutes, and then allow it to cool. 

Now, separate the methi seeds from the oil. You can use the seeds by crushing them and rubbing them on the scalp. Leave the seeds on the scalp for two hours and then wash with cold water. 

You can use the drained oil as a tonic, and use it before hair bath. Do not use warm water to clean your head or scalp, as Mustard oil has heat absorbing nature.