Korean PM Skin Care Routine

We all are obsessed with Korean inspired glass skin. If you really look at Korean routine that they follow it seems like you have to follow at least ten steps everyday and frankly speaking we don’t wanna spend too much time just on skin care, right?

So in this post I am going to take you through a three step nighttime Korean skincare routine that will surely help you get your hands on beaming skin like the OG Korean beauties.

Tip#1 – Use generous amount of serum

Serum provide deep hydration to your skin. You can apply one or more layer of serums on your clean face. 

Serum help your skin to get back lost glow and also help target any skin concerns that you have. Serums add hydration to your skin which helps in fighting any target issues such as dryness, acne, wrinkles, etc.

Tip#2 – After serums use Eye Cream

Under eye area is thin and extra sensitive, so it definitely demands some extra pampering.

Hence, all the skincare girls should include an eye cream in their PM skincare routine. This step hydrates the extremely sensitive and thin under eye area and adds hydration to it.

Tip#3 – Sleeping Mask

One extra beauty hack that will change your skin, use a good sleeping mask. 

You should add the much-needed hydration using a rich and thick sleeping mask. This step will lock essential moisture in the skin and keep it plump over the night and makes your skin look glowing.

Apart from these 3 tips, there are some other rules that you must follow

Rule#1 – Use sunscreen in day time

Rule#2 – Double face cleansing in night is a must. Even if you do not wear make up, do double cleanse your face

Rule#3 -Do not use physical exfoliators for your face