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Health, Weight loss Lose 10 pounds in a week

Lose 10 pounds in a week

Sometimes its just so happens that there is a dress you have to wear a few days later but you can’t seem to fit inside anymore because of your weight. There are a lot of ways to reduce weight but this one week routine is quite adept in bringing a change in your body in just a week’s times. Follow this routine dedicatedly.

Begin the Day with some Whole Foods

Whole foods are named such a way because they tend to fill up your stomach after a small consumption only. Switch to eating whole foods in a week to stop yourself from overeating and get the right amount of nutrients and benefits that your body require. There are a lot of whole food dishes you can make right at home to ensure that the food is hygienic, fresh and completely nutritious.

Consume a cup of whole foods daily after waking up to re-infuse your body with vital nutrients and vitamins. Whole foods contain unprocessed and unrefined plant foods like fresh fruits, legumes, vegetables and whole grain.

Follow up with a Little Exercise

Carry on the process by doing a little exercise and warm up after eating a bowl of whole foods. Proper exercising, sufficient weights, and other factors can make you lose around 10 pounds or more in just a week. A good workout regime followed by a complimentary diet will improve your metabolism to help you digest the food easier and will also tone your muscles.

Squats, pushups, and situps are quite easy exercises that you can do at home. Add some weights to these training exercises to burn fat and also tone your muscles. Take help of a personal trainer for better results. 3 sets of a 10-set squat along with the same amount of pushups ought to do the trick.

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Carbs are the Key Source of Energy

Carbohydrates are the key to your daily dose of energy. There are a lot of foods which contain carbohydrates along with some lean proteins, incorporate these foods in you daily staple food for a week so that your body gets the nutrients it deserves without any fat or other harmful things. A low-carb diet is a very good way to lose weight quickly and reverse the bloating. It is found really helpful in shedding water weight just after a day of trying. Consult a personal trainer or get expert help to make up a low carb diet plan.

Cut half a cabbage along with some veggies of your choice and boil them in a pan of water. Keep them boiling until the cabbage gets tender and a little translucent. Drink this cabbage soup in the evening everyday after it has cooled down to fill up on the carbs you need for the day.


Count the Calories Burned

Calories are considered the pivotal element during weight loss. One has to maintain a good calorie count and calorie intake to increase or decrease weight better. Follow a calorie diet chart after the above routine is completed to keep a check on the amount of calorie burnt and the amount that still needs to be worked upon. You can manage your calorie consumption by counting the calories you eat in every meal, making sure that you eat only at meal times and not every time, eliminate sauces and high-calorie foods, eat more veggies and choose lean proteins for your diet.

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There are a lot of bands and other devices which you can wear easily to count the number of calories you are burning the whole day. Keep a check on this to time your exercises and have better control of your diet.




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