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Health, Weight loss Lose Weight with The Hand Diet: A Perfect Dieting Formula, For A perfect Figure

Lose Weight with The Hand Diet: A Perfect Dieting Formula, For A perfect Figure

By Muskan Minda   

Weight is a serious issue for most people as it is easy to gain but very difficult to lose. People have tried various methods to reduce their extra body weight. Exercising, walking, jogging, reducing the intake of food items, increasing the water content in your daily life, avoiding liquid calories in both hard drinks and soft drinks, fasting, having a diet of only fruits and vegetables, taking medicines for fat reduction and overpowering the food addiction are some common ways that people have adopted to lose additional weight. Some have been successful and some unsuccessful as it takes lots of effort and sheer determination to lose even one gram of body weight.

A perfect figure is what everyone desires but it takes lot of hard work to achieve one’s wishes. There are very few people on earth who are graced with a fine figure without going through additional efforts. For maximum population it takes willpower and hard work to achieve desired success. I was going through the ways with which one can reduce weight without harming your body and at that time came to know about the hand diet. It seemed intriguing and I decided to gain a thorough knowledge about it so that it might come useful for people like us who are always on a look out to shed the extra kilos.

Hand diet is actually a sort of measuring scale that helps in restricting our diet to certain portion sizes so that we do not overeat. This method includes taking diets on the basis of measurements of palm, fingers and thumb. The Hand diet states that the biggest portion must consist of vegetables and we can measure it by joining both our palms and eating only that much which it can hold. Fruits must be equal to one fist whereas Carbs can be eaten equal to a clenched fist. Intake of butter must be of thumb size and cheese even less than our two fingers.

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It is a regime that helps people in achieving their goal of weight reduction. It helps our body to increase its rate of metabolism by burning extra fats accumulated over the years instead of storing it. The hand diet has several benefits attached to it. Our body starts eating vegetables and fruits that have high contents of minerals and vitamins. Its product chart lists the food items which will help us in controlling the levels of insulin production. The diet ensures that we are eating good and healthy fats. The most important factor is that it actually supports a low-calorie diet that includes moderate quantities of protein, carbohydrates and fat, which are rich in antioxidants.

The hand diet is a precise plan and includes five nutritious meals on a daily basis. It is relevant to five hands of food items every day. As per the suggestions it is best to select fixed hours during the day and eat at that time. Maintaining a schedule will help in reaching the next fixed hour a bit easy as we will know the time to take our next meal. Things to avoid at all costs during the hand diet are bananas, sugary fruits, dried prunes, raw figs, sugar and wheat products like bagels, bread, pizza crust, pasta, waffles, tortillas, and spaghetti.

Maintaining and controlling the ratio of proteins to carbohydrates is vital. Choose protein meals with low-fat content as it is very necessary to take a protein diet in your meal. Base it on the thickness of your hand and take out the portion that you will be consuming. Eggs, chicken breast, turkey, tuna, and salmon are good low-fat proteins that can be included in the hand diet.

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Carbohydrate intake is dependent on the amount of protein you have consumed as the amount of carbohydrate must be twice the amount of low-fat protein. You can choose your carbohydrates from parsley, endives, cauliflower, raw celery, cabbage, raw broccoli, shallots, radishes, and mushrooms.  Measure it simply like the amount adjusted in a clenched fist. If you are looking for what to eat then fruits and vegetables are the best options because they are rich in fiber and contains low carb. These can be chosen from grapefruits, peaches, limes, grapes, apples, blueberries, watermelon, raw pineapple, strawberries, tomatoes, asparagus, cucumbers, and sprouts.

If you feel hungry even after you have eaten your meal, then you might consider balancing the ratio between protein intake and the amount of carbohydrate you have eaten. Keep a track of your daily eating habits along with the schedule and try to make good changes until the excess hunger pangs cease.

What is actually a five hands diet food and what it consists of are some of the questions which occupy our minds. In this kind of diet, we have a choice of lots of food items and greens like cabbage, kale, and broccoli. Mushrooms and celery are low-calorie vegetables good for our body.  Our intake calculation is based on the amount of carbs and proteins eaten per meal and not the full day. The protein meal might include fish and turkey breast and the amount must be equal to your palm size. The carbs must be segregated depending on eating it per meal. You can adjust your diet to include one handful of protein intake and two of green veggies for every five meals. Although during the five hands diet different amounts of vegetable intake are allowed depending upon the rise of your sugar levels.

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Our elders have always suggested that we divide our food into portions if we want to become slimmer and this is what the hand diet is doing. It has restricted the portion sizes to a handful of greens and protein. It makes it a calorie-restricted diet or low-calorie diet.

During digestion, carbohydrates are converted to glucose in the human body and result in the rise of insulin level. This leads to easy fat storage and even harder to burn it.  The major reason why hand diet is working for weight loss is because the type and amount of carbohydrate are now restricted.

The hand diet is supposed to help in shedding extra weight, slimming down and regaining a perfect figure. It is designed to offer maximum help to the individual by making it easy to follow. Controlling your portion sizes will go a long way in cutting down the calories and enable successful weight loss. It is necessary to mention that the five hand diet is recommended only for healthy people who are interested in losing body weight and is not for sick people as it might cause more harm than benefits.



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