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Beauty, Weight loss Magical weight loss drink to melt stomach fat

Magical weight loss drink to melt stomach fat

By GP Team   

Today Ia m going to share an ancient natural remedy that can actually do some kind of magic to get rid of stomach fat. Stomach fat is totally different that fat accumulated on other body parts. Most of the time it is not actually fat but it is just bloating. This natural remedy will remove all bloating from your stomach and also boost body metabolism so that body can burn all calories faster

Remedy 1 – Early morning method

Cumin seeds + Water

Soak 1 spoon cumin seeds in1 glass of water
Next morning boil this water for 5 minutes
Filter this and drink it early morning when your stomach is empty
If you want you can add some honey and few drops of lemon juice into this

Remedy 2

Curd + Cumin powder

In 1 spoon curd add 1 spoon of cumin powder. Mix it
Consume this curd anytime during the day before or after meal 

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