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Beauty, Skin care What models do to get clear skin

What models do to get clear skin

By Glowpink Staff   

Is it possible that all models have perfect skin always and they never get acne on their face? Just think about it.

The answer is no, they also don’t have perfect skin. They have great body, they are tall but they also do hard work to look great in front of the camera. Although behind every photo shoot is a great makeup artist but they also try for their skin to look great.

model clear skin

Generally what they do:

  • They wash their face often, use peels and cleansers (Just do it two times a day, morning and night. Too much face wash will dry your skin)
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Do regular exercise to clear out pores (Don’t forget to wash your face immediately after exercise)
  • Keep their hands away from the face as hands are
  • Their skin care doesn’t end on the face only. Models never know when they’ll need to wear a plunging neckline or backless dress on the runway. That’s why their skin care doesn’t end with their face. They focus on smoothing out the chest and the back—even the stomach

Typical Model Skin Care Routine

Every model has to figure out her skincare routine which suits her skin best and keeps it looking gorgeous for the cameras. Since this makes up for their livelihood, they put extra importance into this. And this does not include just skincare but also making sure that the skin is healthy in other ways to like eating a healthy and skin-enhancing diet and staying away from unhealthy habits which harm the health and the skin. In this section, we are going to look into the skincare routine and techniques of models in detail.

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Establishing a relevant skincare routine

To take care of one’s skin properly, one needs to devise a series of steps which need to be followed to take care of the skin and keep it healthy. But to first establish a skincare routine you need to understand your skin and what type it is. There are many kinds of skin out there and every kind can look gorgeous with the right care. So, let us look into the points in detail which will help and guide us along the path of making out own skincare routine so that everyone can achieve gorgeous model skin.

  • Figuring out your skin type: Most people have one of these five common skin types- normal, oily, dry, combination, or sensitive skin. Once you figure out which kind of skin is yours, it will be much easier for you to establish a routine which is ideal and suitable for your specific skin type. So, look into these common skin types and see which one described is closest to yours. In brief- oily skin produces excess amounts of sebum so that the skin always have a shiny and oily appearance. In this, pores are dilated and the skin is prone to acne due to excess oils on the skin. Dry skin is the opposite where the skin does not produce enough sebum so the skin becomes dry. This happens due to lack of hydration in the skin and this kind of skin is prone to age prematurely and looks dull and lifeless. Combinations skin is the skin which blends both oily and dry skin into one. This means some area of the skin is oily (typically the T-zone of the face) whereas some are dry like the cheeks. This kind of skin is prone to getting issues like blackheads and needs specific treatment for specific areas of the skin. Lastly, sensitive skin is just that, sensitive. It is prone to get irritated by many ingredients and is more vulnerable than the other skin types. This means that this kind of skin needs to be taken care of more. This kind of skin also gets irritated by many cosmetic products easily.
  • Cleansing: Once the skin type has been established and appropriate products have been selected and acquired, it is time to establish the routine. First up in this routine is cleansing: Before starting with any sort of skincare treatment, you have to first cleanse the skin to remove any previous dirt particles and stuff like dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Most models like to cleanse their skin daily; once after they wake up and once before they go to bed. You should look for cleansers which are naturally sourced and contain safe and healthy natural organic ingredients where there is much less risk of any issues.
  • Moisturizing: Keeping the skin hydrated well is extremely important in maintaining skin’s health and keeping it looking supple and fresh worthy of a model. You should moisturize your skin every day to keep it looking young and soft. Also, you should again look for options which are sourced from natural ingredients such as natural oils and butter. You can easily find options which cater to your specific needs like there are products out there which are specifically made for oily skin, sensitive skin and so on.
  • Sunscreen: Incorporating a sunscreen in your routine is also extremely important so that you can shield your skin from sever external damage from the harmful UV rays of the sun. These harmful rays of the sun can lead to serious issues in the skin including skin cancer. Other than that it can also spoil the beautiful and clear skin by introducing issues like spots, pigmentation, etc.
  • Face Masks: Models like using face masks to supply beneficial and essential nutrients to the skin so that it stays on the beauty path and keeps on looking the best out there. Face masks can provide multiple functions including cleansing, exfoliating, and treating the skin. Moreover, you can make a variety of useful face masks right in the comfort of your home using natural and safe ingredients.
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Other than all these previous points, which make up the skincare routine for models, they also strive to follow healthy habits so as to keep the skin healthy from the inside out. This may include stuff like not indulging in unhealthy habits like smoking and even cosmetic procedures.


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