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Beauty, Skin care Multi-Grain Face And Body Scrub That Can Remove Blackheads

Multi-Grain Face And Body Scrub That Can Remove Blackheads

By Muskan Minda   

The appearance of blackheads on our skin is a testimony of clogged pores. The skin surface looks awful because of dark or black dots. Multigrain scrubs are natural and have the tendency to remove the blackheads completely because of its high nutrient content.

Rice + Black Sesame Seeds + Mung Beans + Chickpeas + Urad Dal + Oats + Fresh Milk + Rose Water Multi Grain face and Body Scrub

How To:

  1. We will take all our ingredients except the rose water in equal quantities. Friends, you may change the quantity according to your requirement.
  2. Take two tbsp each of urad dal, chickpeas, mung dal and rice separately and clean and wash them properly.
  3. Leave them under the sun so that they dry completely and no moisture is left.
  4. If you are unable to dry them under the sun you can use air-drying with help of a drier.
  5. Take the rice grain and put it in the mixer for grinding. Make sure it turns out to become a smooth powder.
  6. Put it in the bowl.
  7. Apply the same process one by one with chickpeas and urad dal.
  8. We need both of them in a smooth and powdered form.
  9. Add them individually to the bowl containing rice powder.
  10. The urad dal when crushed does not remain black in color so do not worry about the change in its color.
  11. Now grind the mung beans but in a coarse form so that it can give a roughness to the scrub.
  12. Pour it also in the same bowl.
  13. Now take the black sesame seeds and ground them in the mixer in a coarse form and pour it in the bowl.
  14. Crush the oats so that it also remains in a rough form and put it also in the bowl.
  15. Mix all the dry ingredients properly.
  16. We have a dry multigrain powder that can be used in future also so you can make it in good quantity and store in an airtight container in a cool and dry place.
  17. Take the required quantity in a glass bowl and add two tbsp of raw milk to it.
  18. Now add rose water.
  19. We need a paste of even consistency and hence add rose water accordingly.
  20. Apply it on the face and body and gently scrub to exfoliate.
  21. Leave it to dry for twenty minutes.
  22. Rinse it away with normal water.
Face And Body Scrub That Can Remove Blackheads

Face And Body Scrub That Can Remove Blackheads

How it Works:

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The mung beans, sesame seeds, and oats act as exfoliating agents and scrubs away the dead cells and impurities from the clogged pores. It paves the way for removing the blackheads successfully. The rest of the grains have enough nutrients to make the skin soft and supple. Milk is rich in good fats that nourish the skin. Rose water maintains the pH balance of the skin. The multi-grain face and body scrub are very effective in removing blackheads, getting rid of dead cells, and achieving a soft, smooth and nourished skin that looks free of dark spots, blackheads, and blemishes.

Blackheads are mostly found on the face but in extreme cases, they tend to appear on the back and other parts also. Friends, make a multi-grain body scrub today and apply it as a face and body scrub. You will be able to see a marked difference even in the first attempt.



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