How I dealt with acne

In this article, I’ll be sharing a few simple yet highly effective home remedies that have personally helped me combat acne. During my teenage years, I struggled with sensitive skin and experienced numerous acne breakouts. However, the remedies I’m about to share not only helped diminish the acne but also left my skin free from any scarring.

In addition to these DIY remedies, it’s advisable to incorporate zinc and fish oil supplements into your daily diet as they are known to be highly effective in preventing acne.

Remedy #1 – Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Mix one part apple cider vinegar with three parts water (increase water ratio for sensitive skin).
  2. After cleansing your face, gently apply the mixture using a cotton ball.
  3. Allow it to sit for 5 to 20 seconds, then rinse with water and pat dry.
  4. Repeat this process once or twice daily, as required.

Remedy #2 – Honey & Cinnamon Mask

  1. Combine two tablespoons of honey with one teaspoon of cinnamon to create a paste.
  2. After cleansing, apply the mask evenly onto your face and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Rinse off the mask thoroughly and pat your face dry.

Remedy #3 – Tea Tree Oil Spot Treatment

  1. Mix one part tea tree oil with nine parts water.
  2. Dip a cotton swab into the mixture and apply it directly onto the affected areas.
  3. Follow up with moisturizer if needed.
  4. Repeat this process one to two times daily, as necessary.

Remedy #4 – Green Tea

  1. Steep green tea in boiling water for 3 to 4 minutes.
  2. Allow the tea to cool down.
  3. Apply the brewed tea onto your skin using a cotton ball or transfer it into a spray bottle for easier application.
  4. Let it dry, then rinse off with water and pat your skin dry.

Remedy #5 – Aloe Vera Gel

  1. Extract the gel from an aloe vera plant using a spoon.
  2. Apply the gel directly onto clean skin as a moisturizer.
  3. Repeat this one to two times daily, or as desired