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Beauty, Hair care Myths about hair fall

Myths about hair fall

By Glowpink Staff   

1.Myth:Wearing caps or frequent use of helmets results in hair fall;
Fact:Use of dirty caps or unclean helmets results in scalp infection which in turn causes hair fall.
2.Myth:Baldness comes from your mother’s side;
Fact:Genes from both mother and/or father play a role when it comes to baldness.
3.Myth:Loosing hair everyday leads to balding;
Fact: It’s absolutely normal to lose around 100 strands of hair everyday as they are replaced by new hair follicles in due course.
4.Myth:Sitting in AC room causes hair loss;
Fact:You may experience dryness of hair and not hair fall.
5.Myth:Use of haircare products result in hair loss;
Fact:Use them in moderation. Never overdo anything.
6.Myth:Nothing can be done to prevent hair loss or baldness;
Fact: Science has advanced so much that nothing is impossible.
There’s hair transplant which is so popular nowadays.
7.Myth:Frequent trims make hair grow faster;
Fact: They only help you to get rid of the split ends.
8.Myth:Washing your hair daily affect hair growth;
Fact:Minimize the use of chemically based shampoos.
9.Myth:Pull out a grey hair,three grey hairs will grow in that place;
Fact: No scientific evidence in this.As you age you’ll get grey hair which is unavoidable.
10.Myth:You can grow back dead hair follicles;
Fact: It’s not possible. The possible way is to get hair transplant done.



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