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Beauty, Skin care Natural bleach to get white underarms in just 10 minutes

Natural bleach to get white underarms in just 10 minutes

By GP Team   

Today I am going to tell you 2 very effective remedies that can give you fair underarms in just 10 minutes and like bleach creams available in market they have no side effects

white underarms in 10 minutes

White vinegar treatment

Using baking soda in combination with white vinegar, a commonplace kitchen ingredient, can be useful in lightening the underarm skin.

Mix some vinegar with a dash of baking soda. It will create some bubbles, but do not get worried about that! The bubbles will subside soon. Then apply the paste on the underarm region and let it dry up. Wash with cold water afterwards.

Baking soda and lemon juice

Lemon has citric acid, which, when coupled with baking soda, lightens the skin color. Mix baking soda with lemon juice and make a paste. Apply on your underarms and keep it on for a few minutes. Then wash off with water.



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