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Beauty, Skin care Natural morning face wash to look many years younger

Natural morning face wash to look many years younger

By GP Team   

look younger

We all wants to look younger always. Its a very normal desire and to achieve this we spend so much money. I will not say this is wrong but believe me there is no need to spend any money on that. Today I will tell you one natural treatment that can eliminate all aging signs from your skin and you will look much younger than your actual age

For this remedy you will need

  • 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds. ( I prefer a course grind )
  • 1 – 1/2 tablespoons of milk. ( 2% or whole milk works wonderfully. Raw milk is even better! )
APPLICATION: Combine the coffee grounds and milk and mix well. The mixture will be thick but not pasty. If it’s a little hard to work with just add a bit more milk. Let the mixture sit for 3-5 minutes. Gently massage the coffee/milk mixture onto face and let dry. This can be quite messy so make sure you apply over a sink. Leave mask on for 15-20 minutes ( or longer if you prefer )  and then rinse off with cold water, massaging gently to exfoliate any dead skin from  the face.  Your skin will be luminescent and baby soft! As an added bonus, the aroma from this mask is incredibly relaxing.
Note: You might feel a slight tingling on your face from the this mask, but it should not cause any irritation or discomfort whatsoever. I have never had any kind of a bad reaction from this mask, but please remove right away if you experience any discomfort. Everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to varying natural ingredients.


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