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Health Natural Remedies for canker sore relief

Natural Remedies for canker sore relief

A canker sore is tiny yet painful ulcers which occur mainly in the soft tissues under your tongue or lips or around the gums. They are non-contagious but interfere in the daily routine due to the ache caused. They are caused due to stress, minor injuries, hormonal changes or vitamin deficiencies.It may also be hereditary. Mostly they cure within a week by themselves but when you have one, all you need is just its cure.

Below are some natural remedies which will help you tackle the canker sore and stop them from being a hurdle at work:-

1.Taking vitamin B-12 Supplements.

Lack of vitamins, especially vitamin B-12 are among the reasons that  Canker sore might show up. Vitamin B-12 supplements are claimed to have the ability to reduce the birth of Canker sore. In a study, it was found that people who intake  1000 micrograms of vitamin B-12 daily had a lower rate of canker sore problems than the others.

2.Lady’s Mantle

It is a herb which is beneficial for getting rid of throat infections and mouth related problems such as ulcers. In a study performed on 47 people having a canker sore, a gel containing Lady’s Mantle was mixed with glycerine. People applied that gel thrice a day and 75% of people claim to be relieved of the discomfort and mend the canker sore in comparison to others who used some other ailment.

3.Salt Water

Salt is known for its ability to heal canker sore. Dissolve warm water and a tablespoon of salt and rinse time to time during the day. This will help in reducing the inflammation and in curing the canker sore.

Natural Remedies for canker sore relief

Natural Remedies for canker sore relief

4. Tea bags

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Black-Tea bags when applied wet directly on the sore reduces inflammation. Also, Chamomile tea contains daisy-like plants which help in digestion. They contain chemical compounds which contain antiseptic abilities. Drink chamomile tea or place a tea bag directly on the sore. It will help in elevating the time taken for the recovery of sore.


Aloe is known to be the most popular among the cold sore remedies. Using cotton, dry the area near the sore. Slice an aloe leaf and take out the gel. Apply the gel directly on the sore. It will provide a cooling effect on the sore. This will also accelerate the healing time of sore.

6.Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are an alternative to relieve you of pain by providing coolness to the sore and hence it will minimize the discomfort caused. Take an ice cube and melt its surface first, then apply it on the sore. This will insensate the sore. The chilliness of the ice cube reduces the blood flow and stop the sore from swelling.


Sage is a herbal plant belonging to the family of mint. It has anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties which assist in oral problems. It provides balance in the immune system and is an effective cure for canker sore. For this remedy, Mix two spoons of dried sage in warm water.Let it cool and then rinse your mouth with it 2-3 times a day for about a minute or so.

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