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Beauty, Hair care, Hair fall Natural vitamin supplement that can stop hair fall

Natural vitamin supplement that can stop hair fall

By Glowpink Staff   

If you are having acute hair fall, it might be because you are not taking proper care of hair but most of the time some deficiencies are also responsible for it. For example if you are having iron deficiency, your hair will start to fall suddenly.  In many cases, hair loss is caused by vitamin deficiency called telogen effluvium, which temporarily pushes hairs from the growth phase of the hair growth cycle to the resting phase, causing hair loss.

vitamin for hair fall

Below there is list of vitamin supplements that can stop your hail fall if followed by proper hair care

Biotin – Biotin, also known as B7 or H, is a water-soluble vitamin for hair loss. Biotin has been shown to promote hair growth, thicken the hair strand, and prevent hair loss. If your diet lacks B vitamins like Biotin,

Iron – You can take some iron tablet or you can also go for Iron-rich foods include spinach, chicken, tuna, crab tofu, oatmeal and soybeans.

Vitamin B5 – Also known as pro Vitamin B5 or Panthenol (mostly found in nature as D-Panthenol), this is an important ingredient of hair fall control. You can easily control this deficiency with protein rich diet, which comes in the form of fish, chicken, a number of different forms of lentils, dried beans (rajma), tofu, cottage cheese (paneer) and of course, milk

Vitamin E – Very important for skin and hair both

Vitamin D – This vitamin stimulates the hair follicle and cells so that they form new hair shaft.


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