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Beauty, Hair care You need just 1 spoon of this to get long thick hair like never before

You need just 1 spoon of this to get long thick hair like never before

By Glowpink Staff   

In this post I am going to share one super fast natural hair growth remedy , Grow Long Thicken Hair with Apple Cider Vinegar

For this you will need

1 cup of water + 1/2 cup of ACV

  1. In a bowl take 1 cup of water
  2. Add half cup of apple cider vinegar
  3. Mix it well
  4. Transfer this to a spray bottle and your magical treatment is ready for use
  5. Spray this mixture all over your hair and scalp
  6. Leave for 30 minutes
  7. After given time shampoo your hair

Benefits of apple cider vinegar for hair

  • Apple cider vinegar is naturally high in acetic acid and has a pH level which is close to that of human hair. Regularly rinsing with this vinegar can help bring your scalp and hair to its ideal acidity, especially if you have oily hair.
  • The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar is a potent antimicrobial which can kill bacteria and fungus, common underlying causes of dandruff and hair loss, making it a fantastic natural cure.
  • It reduces frizzy hair naturally
  • It stimulate blood circulation in hair scalp and promotes hair growth




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