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Beauty, Skin care, Uncategorized Oh!! look at that girl, she is so fair and beautiful

Oh!! look at that girl, she is so fair and beautiful

By Glowpink Staff   

Okay girls so do you also wanna hear such comments. I know we all wish for the same and it is possible too if yo get proper skin care of yourself. First let me tell you about factors that can damage your skin

#1. Sun rays – Harmful UV rays can damage upper layer of your skin instantly, so always wear sunscreen and cover your face
#2. Pollution – Harmful vehicle and factory smoke that contains methane, sulphur, and other substances. These chemicals get onto our skin and penetrate deep into skin cells. This can lead to black spots and pimples.

beautiful girl

Now let me tell you some natural ways to get attractive skin

First whatever remedy you are doing, best time is in night before goig tobed. As your skin will get at least 10-12 hours to repair it

1. Always eat some of the flax seeds after dinner, as it improves your digestion and purify your blood. It helps you to get skin glow from inside
2. Mix equal amount of rose water and raw milk. Apply it on your face before going to bed
3. Apply aloe vera to your face, and leave on for 15-30 minutes. Aloe vera has moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties to heal and protect the skin.
4. In morning no need to use face wash, just apply honey and wash your face in 10 minutes
5. To remove makeup use castor oil

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