Coconut oil, vitamin E to stop hair fall

Oxidative stress and the presence of free radicals can lead to cellular breakdown in the scalp, resulting in damage and disruptions to hair growth. Vitamin E, known for its high antioxidant properties, effectively combats hair weakening, reduces stress, and promotes overall hair health.

In Ayurveda, Vitamin E is classified among eight compounds, comprising four Tocopherols (α, β, γ, δ) and four Tocotrienols (α, β, γ, δ). These fat-soluble antioxidants play a crucial role in safeguarding hair follicles from damage. The advantage lies in the fact that women can naturally obtain Vitamin E through a balanced diet, supplemented by various Ayurvedic formulations such as herbal drinks and concoctions, which are rich in this essential vitamin.

Ayurveda’s Tridosha philosophy emphasizes the balance of Vata, Kapha, and Pitta Doshas within the body for maintaining optimal health:

  • Insufficient Vitamin E levels and an imbalance in the Vata dosha can lead to hair thinning and lackluster locks.
  • A disrupted metabolism due to an imbalance in the Pitta dosha may hinder Vitamin E absorption, resulting in an inflamed scalp and premature greying of hair.
  • An imbalance in the Kapha dosha can lead to inadequate blood circulation in the scalp, causing excessive oil production and greasy hair.

Anti-hair fall treatments incorporating Vitamin E are effective in preventing further breakdown of hair follicles. By combating oxidative stress and providing essential nourishment to the scalp, these treatments help reduce hair fall. A popular method involves using Vitamin E capsules in conjunction with warm coconut or olive oil for a hot oil treatment. Simply mix two Vitamin E capsules with the oil, gently massage into the scalp and strands, leave overnight, and wash with a mild shampoo the next day. This regimen effectively minimizes hair loss while promoting healthier, stronger hair