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Beauty, Skin care Peel off mask to deep clean pores and remove blackheads

Peel off mask to deep clean pores and remove blackheads

By Samip Shah   

Blackhead is a kind of acne mostly seen during puberty. Blackheads mostly appear on the face, chest, arms, and shoulders. Age and hormonal changes are the most important factor that causes blackhead. Most of the individuals think that blackheads are caused due to dirt being trapped. But actually, it is not related to cleanliness of the skin. Blackhead is caused when the pores become clogged with some dead skin cells and an oily substance. It can also be caused due to overproduction of skin cells made by the body. The other factor which can cause blackhead includes blocking of pores with cosmetics or clothing, stress, and heavy sweating.

Many types of peel-off masks and scrubs are available in the market but it is not preferable to use,  as it contains some portion of chemical which can be harmful to your sensitive skin. To remove blackhead using natural ingredients can be more beneficial. So it’s time to ban the word ‘blackhead’ from your beauty book which is being an obstacle between you and beauty.

Peel-off masks to clean pores and remove blackheads

1. Activated charcoal peel-off mask


  • 1 tablespoon distilled water
  • 1/2 teaspoon activated charcoal
  • 1/2 teaspoon unflavored gelatin


In a bowl, add 1/2 teaspoon of unflavored gelatin and 1/2 teaspoon of activated charcoal. Mix it well and then add 1 tablespoon of hot distilled water and stir it. Then apply the mask on the clean and dry face, or you can also warm towel to open the pores. Then using a brush apply a thin layer of mask on the blackhead area and let it dry completely.

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Once it dries, apply the second layer of the mask and let it sit until it is completely dry. Give it some time to set the mask so that peeling off can be easy. When the pastes turn dry start peeling off the mask in an upward direction and then wash your face with warm water. Apply light moisturizer or coconut oil on your face to soothe the redness. Repeat the process 3-4 times a month to get rid of blackheads and to have clean skin. Black activated charcoal is that ingredient which sucks out the dirt and toxins from your face. Gelatin has certain properties which will deep clean your pores and help fight acne and blackheads.

2. Orange peel-off mask:


  • 4 tablespoons of orange juice
  • 2 tablespoons of unflavoured gelatin


In a heat-resistant glass bowl, take 2 tablespoons of unflavoured gelatin and then add 4 tablespoons of orange juice and then mix it well. Using a double boiler melt the paste until the gelatin gets completely dissolved. For double boiling take a vessel slightly bigger than a bowl and add 1 cup of water to it. Put the vessel on the slow flame and let the water boil. Once the water starts boiling, put the bowl in the middle of the vessel and stir it until the gelatin melts.

Then stop the heating and let it cool, but don’t wait for too long as the gelatin soak the liquid very quickly. Using a brush apply a thin layer of mask on your face and let it dry and then apply a second mask. Repeat the same process and apply the third layer and then let it dry completely. Then peel off the mask and wash your face with warm water. Apply moisturizer after the procedure is done. Repeat the process once a week to get the best results. The bright orange fruit, rich in Vitamin-C will give the instant glow to the dull face and also helps get rid of blackheads.

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3. Milk peel-off mask:


  • 1 tablespoon of unflavoured gelatine
  • 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of milk


In a bowl, add 1 tablespoon of gelatin and 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of milk in it. Using the double boiler method as used in orange peel-off, heat the mixture in the same way until the gelatin melts. Then turn off the heat and let the mixture cool down for few minutes and then using a brush apply it evenly all over your face. Let the mask dry completely and then peel it off. Then wash your face with cool water and apply moisturizer to the mask area.

Repeat the process once a week to get a healthy and glowing skin. Milk contains lactic acid which acts as a cleanser and digs out dirt from your face. Combining it with gelatin will give you clear skin and also helps you get rid of blackheads.

4. Egg white peel-off mask:


  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 egg white


Crack a fresh egg and collect white part in a bowl. Then add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to the egg white and mix it well to get a smooth liquid paste. Before applying the mask clean and dry your face. Then use a brush to apply this mask on your face and then put tissue paper on it which will keep the mask intact. Then apply the second layer and let it dry completely.

Once it is dry, slowly peel the mask off. While peeling off the mask you will notice blackheads and dirt on the tissue paper. Then wash your face with lukewarm water and apply moisturizer on it. Repeat the whole process once a week to get rid of blackheads. An egg has certain proteins in it which will heal and nourish your skin. Egg white reduces the occurrence of blackhead. Egg white also works as the astringent which shrink your open pores. Lemon juice has certain cleansing properties which will deep clean your pores and remove blackheads.

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Points to remember:

  1. Squeezing blackheads can spread the infection and make them worse so avoid doing it. In case you are trying to pluck out the blackhead at home, steam your face first which will open the pores.
  2. To reduce blackheads avoid tight clothes, oil-based skin care products which contain alcohol and humid environment.
  3. Before applying any peel-off mask always tie your hair in a ponytail with a hair band to prevent your hair from sticking to the mask and get pulled out with the mask.
  4. Always apply peel off mask on a clean and dry face and avoid applying it on and around eyebrows and also under and above the eyes.
  5. One can also use rose water to wash the face instead of normal water to remove any of the above-mentioned masks.

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