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Menstruation, Pregnancy Busting the myth – Periods in pregnancy

Busting the myth – Periods in pregnancy

By manisha   

There are many reasons why a woman might have bleeding which resembles a period in pregnancy. Bleeding that occurs during pregnancy is not, however, from having a period. Any time when a pregnant woman has bleeding it should be discussed this with the doctor.This is the most common cause of anxiety in especially first timers of about having periods in pregnancy. All the knowledge flowing around a first time pregnant woman almost guarantees the fact that she is not going to have periods. But still one can experience vaginal bleeding at almost the same time due for regular periods.So, what does it mean?

periods pregnancy

periods pregnancy

It is not uncommon for a woman to have bleeding or spotting during early pregnancy. This bleeding can sometimes be mistaken for periods in pregnancy. One in four to one in five of women have bleeding or spotting during pregnancy. The bleeding is generally not as heavy a regular period. However, if a woman did not know that she was pregnant, she may assume the bleeding was just a light period. Often early pregnancy bleeding occurs around the same time a woman anticipates having her period so this can add to the confusion.

Still you might continue to hear about women who had periods in pregnancy. But the fact remains that one cannot be pregnant and have a period together. After conceiving woman’s body start producing hCG and the menstrual cycle stops. This in no way implies that a pregnant woman cannot have bleeding that resembles a period. However, this bleeding is not actually a period. This is often confusing for some and that is why you may know someone who claims to have had periods in pregnancy.

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But, in the case of special circumstances (discussed below in this post) there is no harm in being alert. If along with the bleeding you have pain in the lower tummy, especially on one side, you must call your doctor immediately. Bleeding during pregnancy might also be a sign of miscarriage. So, one must not ignore the bleeding irrespective of the thickness and volume. One must get attended by her doctor even after the bleeding has stopped.

Bleeding after birth control

Sometimes after taking the pill women have irregular cycles. One may have some spotting off and on due to hormonal changes if she has stopped taking the pill recently and is also pregnant. Soon after stopping taking birth control if one gets pregnant, it can make it more difficult to differentiate an actual period from intermittent bleeding. It may not be clear when the last period happened or the woman could be pregnant and continue having some irregular bleeding.

Spotting or implantation bleeding

When the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus implantation bleeding happens. It sometimes causes shedding of some of the lining, as the it gets burrowed by the egg. Light bleeding a week to a few days before due date of period might be noticed. Implantation bleeding is usually pink, light brown or red spotting. But,it can be as heavy as a light period. That is why it is generally confused with a light period or an early period.

Ectopic Pregnancy

It happens when the fertilized egg gets implanted outside of the uterus, most often within the fallopian tube. It is not very common as it generally happens to one out of sixty women.Its symptoms are vaginal bleeding, cramping and pains in the abdominal area(usually on one side).An ectopic pregnancy may cause vaginal bleeding that is similar to a period. Other symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are nausea, dizziness and shoulder pain.

Rectal Bleeding
Many times the rectal bleeding is also commonly mistaken by some pregnant women for their periods. If blood is found on your toilet paper or on your underwear, just do not worry.Hemorrhoids can also cause rectal bleeding. Hemorrhoids happen when the blood vessels swell in and around the anus. These swollen veins may bleed when you have a bowel movement or wipe too hard. During the third trimester of pregnancy this is common.One way to handle this is to consume foods that will keep constipation away like fresh fruits and whole grains and fresh vegetables. You should also consume plenty of water and do regular exercise. Many women find yoga to be helpful as it encourages physical and mental relaxation and is not too strenuous. Switching to a softer toilet paper or using facial tissues instead can also be considered.

Growth or Infection

An inflamed cervix or growths in the area can also be another reason. If there is an infection in the pelvic area or a urinary tract, it may cause you to bleed during your pregnancy. Consulting with your doctor is the only way to determine if you have these problems or not. He or she will then conduct a series of tests to get a clearer understanding of what is going on and then will advice you precisely on what is to be done next.

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They are an integral part of the group of situations under the topic being discussed.Around 20-30% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Bleeding or spotting can be an early sign of miscarriage. But bleeding during pregnancy does not always mean that the woman will not go on to have a healthy pregnancy. But it is a reason for concern for sure. A light spotting that turns to heavy bleeding is often the start of miscarriage. So , its always better to consult a doctor if you are pregnant and having bleeding.



A sign of early labor may be the spotting or bleeding which looks like period. Your mucus plug may pass before up to several weeks before your due date. This could lead you to wrongly take it for your period as there will be some blood comprising the passed mucus.Also, vaginal discharge usually accompanies this situation. This occurrence is very common. It is also known as preterm labor.


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