Potato Trick To Lighten Dark Underarms

Dark armpits are very common, there might be many reasons, exposure to deodorant, shaving, lack of care etc.. You might try some products containing skin lightening agents like hydroquinone but they might irritate your skin.

So before trying chemical I am going to share one super easy diy, It’s worth a try if you suffer from dark underarms.

What to do:

  • Take 1 medium size potato, cut off one end of a potato and score it with a toothpick to help the juices come out.
  • On this potato slice pour 1/4 tsp of coffee powder(you can use any that is available with you)
  • Next pour 1/4 tsp of baking soda on this potato slice
  • Put a few drops of lemon juice on this and your DIY is ready
  • First take towel dipped in warm water and put this on your underarms for 5 mins to soften the skin
  • After 5 minutes take this potato slice and start to rub it on your underarms
  • Scrub your underarm with the potato for 10 minutes, and then wash it off.