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Beauty, Health, Weight loss Pre-Wedding Diet Chart to Bring Every Bride-to-Be in Shape

Pre-Wedding Diet Chart to Bring Every Bride-to-Be in Shape

Getting married is one of the most exciting things for anyone. Especially the bride. They plan everything, right from the start till the final vows. Brides do a lot of preparations to make their wedding perfect. From choosing the perfect day to the perfect venue, the flowers, the food and of course the dress. The wait for the big day, the excitement, the tension and all the preparations and running around can cause a bride to forget about her shape and proper health leaving her to not fit in their dream dress. Imagine the worst nightmare for a bride and not fitting in her own dress will sit right at top of that list. If you are getting married recently and want your dress to fit you perfectly then you should follow this diet chart to keep in shape for the big day.

Get Sufficient Sleep

Weddings need a lot of preparation of doing along with a lot of running around and tiredness. It would seem natural to you to lose some sleep and get more things done but if you want to look perfect and fit into that wedding dress in time then it is best that you balance the hectic schedule and get sufficient amount of sleep. This sleep is not just a beauty sleep for your looks but it will also help you in managing the weight during this time. Sleeping regularly and giving your body complete rest will increase your metabolism, improve the digestive system and curb your cravings to eat food, especially desserts when you are under such a stress. Get a good night’s sleep to look slim on your wedding day.

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Eat Intermediate Meals

It might feel like eating more food isn’t the way to reduce weight but if you are eating smart and healthy then eating more can actually help you lose weight more as well. There is a lot of stress on a bride during a wedding which can lead the bride to eat more than she usually does when she finally gets the time to sit down and eat. That is why it is recommended that a bride keeps eating a small number of healthy snacks in between the meals so that she doesn’t feel famished at the time of eating. Stress eating is one of the biggest causes of weight gain in people, especially in women who are about to get married.

Water is your Best Friend

It’s fascinating how granted you can take a trivial thing like drinking water to be when there is a whole wedding to plan and attend on your mind. Sometimes you can even forget that your body needs water resulting in dehydration and a lot of other complications. Remind yourself to regularly drink a glass of water during your wedding. Keep a bottle with you at all times so that you consume some water at any moment you want. A proper amount of water in your body helps in maintaining the body weight and also flushes out the harmful toxins from your body through urine and sweat. Remember that water is not only important to lose weight but also to keep your body functioning properly.

Fluids, Fluids, and Fluids

Juice has a two-fold advantage for our body. Not only does it fulfill our thirst and hydrates the body, it also gives the body some strength and a boost to keep carrying on with the daily routine without any problem. The intermediate meals that we discussed earlier can also comprise of a couple of glasses of freshly squeezed juice. It would contain all the nutrients and minerals of a fruit, or vegetable, in a concentrated form and will also taste delicious to drink. Take them to treat your hunger issues between the meals or as a detoxifying drink but be sure to drink some juice.

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Join a Gym or Dance Class

The thought of joining a gym or a fitness class can be overwhelming for the wedding but it is really great to help you keep your body in shape. If you are not feeling gym or fitness class then you can join a yoga session or a dance class to meditate or learn dancing for the wedding and reduce weight at the same time. Recreational activities are very benefiting for the body and mind. They help you in keeping calm and relaxed during the wedding jitters and also gives you something to soothe your mind. A little dancing never hurt anybody.

Get Professional Help

There are a lot of people who are helping brides and grooms to look their best in their wedding photos by taking personal care of their routines and their body. They are a like a personal trainer who keeps an eye on what you are eating when you are eating, how much you are eating and how is that affecting your body. If you can’t roam around everywhere with a trainer following you then you can easily ask them to make a simple diet chart or exercise routine for you and check whether you are following it or not. Trust me, it is better to let someone else take care of your body while you are taking care of the wedding.

Eat Smart

One needs to keep a check on their cravings and what they eat during a wedding. There are a lot of food items and desserts that you’ll be seeing every day and would want to just take a taste of yourself but that little taste can set you back a lot. Keeping sugar and desserts out from your stomach is the first step in keeping your body weight in check. Drink lots of green tea if you are looking to lose weight quickly as the antioxidants in green tea help in speeding up the metabolism of the body so that your food gets processed and digested quickly and efficiently without you having to bloat for the rest of the day.

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