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OTC Product, Pregnancy Prega news – Is It Safe? Uses, Side-Effects, Precautions

Prega news – Is It Safe? Uses, Side-Effects, Precautions

By Saee Pathakji   

What is Prega News?

Prega news is a popular HCG pregnancy testing kit manufactured by Mankind Pharmaceuticals. It is a testing kit which allows a woman to test her pregnancy result at home easily without having to visit the doctor. The idea behind keeping the name Prega News is combining 2 words which is Pregnancy and Good news.

Prega news - Is It Safe? Uses, Side-Effects, Precautions

Prega news – Is It Safe? Uses, Side-Effects, Precautions

How does it work?
How effective is this home pregnancy test kit?
Can it be used on empty stomach?
Can it be used with food?
Can I use it with alcohol?
Side Effects
Are there any drug interactions?
Is it safe to use if I am breastfeeding?
Can this be used for teenagers?
Is it available over the counter (OTC) product?
Frequently Asked Questions?

How does it work?

If you have had unprotected sex[1] and missed periods[2] and want to know whether you have conceived, you can take this quick, efficient  & hassle free test at home. Prega news test kit is a one-step simple procedure test card – when used it detects the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG[3]) in urine. HCG is known as the pregnancy hormone, as it is produced by the cells that form the placenta[4] and provide nourishment to the growing embryo[5]. It is released when an egg is fertilized and attaches itself to the lining of the uterus[6]. HCG shows up in the blood and urine around 10 to 14 days after conception. It is at the highest level between 8th and 11th weeks of gestation.

  • A negative result is HCG level less than 5 mIU/ml (milli-international units per millilitre)
  • A positive result of pregnancy[7] is greater than or equal to 25 mIU/ml.

There is a circular area on the device. In this area, up to 3 drops of urine[8] are put and it comes out with a result after 3 minutes. For a positive result i.e. when a lady is pregnant it shows two pink lines on the device else one line will be shown for the negative result. Some health conditions and some medications can give false or inaccurate readings.

How effective is this home pregnancy test kit?

These days home pregnancy kits are fairly accurate, not 100% but somewhere around 95%-97%. Just follow the instructions given on the kit and you are good to go. Result mostly depends on the time of taking the test. If a test is conducted too early after missing period, the result may not appear. Also while taking the test, timing matters. The test is to be taken with morning urine as it has the highest accumulation of HCG. During the day liquids taken interfere in the test.

Can it be used on empty stomach?

Yes, it can be used on empty stomach. It is not a medicine. It is rather advised to use it on empty stomach first thing in the morning when you get up since HCG level in urine is highest. However, you can use it at any time of a day.

Can it be used with food?

Food intake has nothing to do with prega news test.

Can I use it with alcohol?

The pregnant woman has a special hormone in the urine called HCG and consumption of alcohol and its content in the bloodstream has nothing to do with the pregnancy test.  The result of pregnancy test depends entirely on the level of HCG hormone. Though alcohol consumption does not affect the result of the pregnancy test, many other factors do influence the test which may be read as a change due to alcohol consumption. Therefore a woman needs to understand how much time is taken to conceive after having sex and when to take a pregnancy test if she has been consuming alcohol. Fertilized eggs[9] are not enough to get a positive result. It takes some time to appear as HCG hormone is not produced immediately. Usually, after a week after conception, it is released in the body. Hormones usually multiply its contents after 2-3 days and hence after 10-15 days after the conception, a woman gets a proper pregnancy result.

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Side Effects

Prega News kit is an Over The Counter case that can be used at home to determine pregnancy. This involves urine sample testing and therefore involves no side effects what so ever.

Are there any drug interactions?

There are few medications that can interfere with the result. Instead of giving a negative result, it may give a false positive reading, for you to understand that you are pregnant where in fact you are not.

For women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF[10]) or intrauterine insemination (IUI[11]), drugs utilized in the process are HCG and therefore they can interfere in the test result. Similarly, women who can not ovulate on their own, a fertility medication such as Clomid[12] (clomiphene citrate) is given to induce ovulation[13]. After 5 days course injection of Pregnyl, Ovidrel, or Novarel is given as trigger to complete maturation and release the egg.

Pregnyl, Ovidrel, Novarel are preparations of hCG. When these drugs are used, at least 2 weeks waiting time is required to clear the impact of injected HCG from the body to conduct a test. Otherwise, there is a great chance of getting a false reading.

Another drug known as human menopausal gonadotropin (HMG[14]) can be used to aid in ovulation. Also known as menotropin, injection is made up of a mixture of luteinizing hormone[15] (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). When used for IVF or IUI, the LH component can also produce a false positive result. Like hcg, a surge in LH causes false positive result since two hormones are genetically similar.

It is always suggested for ladies who are undergoing any of the above treatment, to follow the doctor’s instructions and get an in-office beta test. Becoming a mother is an emotional process and it has a risk of heartbreak if you get a positive reading that turns out to be untrue.


There are no precautions as such to use Prega News since it is over the counter pregnancy test kit. However, there are certain DO’s and DONT’s.


  • Keep it in the refrigerator before the use.
  • Keep the kit out of the refrigerator to bring it to room temperature before using it.
  • Read the directions.
  • Call your physician if the result is positive. A trusted obstetrics specialist can give you an idea of how many weeks you are in pregnancy and can tell you what to expect from your body and share things you can do to improve your health and health of your baby.
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  • Take one more test too soon. If there is not enough concentration of hcg hormone in your body, you will get an improper result if you take retest too soon, so let the required time pass.
  • Think that a negative result means you are not pregnant. As explained earlier, this test is based on the level of Hcg hormone in the body and it may differ based on your treatment or your fertility period, so trust your body and get yourself tested by a physician before taking any decision.
  • Overload yourself with liquid to make your urine dilute.

Is it safe to use if I am breastfeeding?

It is absolutely safe to use Prega News when you are breastfeeding. Prega News is a pregnancy test kit which looks for a special hormone HCG, which your body produces ONLY if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, you will produce the hormone, if you are not, you won’t, even if you are breastfeeding. It does not interfere with any bodily process, it only tests your urine to give the pregnancy result.

Can this be used for teenagers?

As soon as a teen has reached her puberty and getting her periods, she can become pregnant. In that case, she can use prega news to get her pregnancy result.

Is it available over the counter (OTC) product?

Prega News is very popular in India and is available as over the counter product (OTC) in the pharmacy stores or supermarkets. It is available online also. It is available pan India except for Kerala.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What is the price of prega news?

The price of prega news pregnancy detection kit is INR 50/-

  • Is the quality of the test kit is good?

All the material used in the test kit is of the best quality. As per IMS health (Intercontinental Marketing Services), it is India’s No.1 Pregnancy detection card.

  • Do I need dieting before the test?

There is no requirement to keep diet before taking the test.

  • When can I see the result?

The prega news pregnancy detection card displays result within 5 minutes.

The prega news advance pregnancy detection card displays result within 3 minutes.

  • If I am seeing faint test band, is the pregnancy test still positive?

It may mean that concentration of HCG hormone may be less while taking the test. You may be pregnant. HCG levels increase with every passing day so it is recommended to take the test after 2 days.

  • Can I be pregnant and still get a negative result?

False negative results are more common than false positive and may be due to the inaccuracy of timing or carelessness in the test procedure. A false negative result may show up due to the diluted urine sample and/or taking a too early test in pregnancy. First urine in the morning is the ideal sample for pregnancy testing.

  • The test card is showing one dark line and one pink line. What does it mean?

This indicates that there is less than expected quantity of HCG hormones present in the urine. Repeat the test next morning again.

  • When should I start testing?

On the first day of missing a period or any day after that, a lady can test. If you try to take the test before the expected date of periods, the result may not be 100% correct /precise.

  • My test says I am pregnant. What should I do?
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If your test says you are pregnant ( positive result), see your doctor for further advice on what to do the next.

  • I have had recent miscarriage or termination of pregnancy and I think I am pregnant again. When should I take the test?

After a miscarriage, HCG hormones take several weeks to disappear from the body. If you take the test during this time it is impossible to know if the positive result is from new pregnancy or by hcg from your earlier pregnancy. In this case, it is better to see the doctor.

  • Can drinking too much liquid affect my result?

Yes, it is better to avoid drinking too much water or alcohol before taking the test. It may dilute urine. It is better to wait until you naturally need to pass urine.

  • I previously tested pregnant but have tested again and got a ‘Non-pregnant’ result or my period has started. What does it mean?

Generally, a pregnancy test is accurate at detecting pregnancy hormone from the day of the expected period, it is possible to get a positive result and find out later that you are not pregnant. The reason behind this may be due to natural loss during the early stages of pregnancy. In this case, consult with your doctor.

  • What are the variables that impact accuracy?

Implantation date: The date of the implantation is a key variable because hcg will not be present in your system until the embryo gets implanted in the womb.

The rate of hcg increase: HCG is produced in women at a variable rate. Generally, it increases very rapidly, doubling nearly every day.

Fertility drugs: Some fertility drugs containing hcg can cause a false positive result. Most prescriptions and OTC drugs do not affect test result, nor will birth control pills.

  • Blood pregnancy test vs. Urine pregnancy tests: Which is better?

Both pregnancy tests are good. Each one has its own merits. A urine pregnancy test is designed for home-based use. A lady has the comfort to check her pregnancy at home whenever she wishes. While for blood pregnancy test she has to take an appointment with the doctor and see a doctor. Both blood and urine pregnancy tests work on detecting the hCG hormone, they just use a different fluid in the body to achieve the same result. A blood pregnancy test is typically more sensitive than a urine test. A few years back home-based test was expensive, complicated or was not available but today it is quite simple and very affordable. If you receive a positive test signal at home based test still is recommended to contact your doctor for a follow-up test and learn important facts to ensure a healthy pregnancy for both you and your baby.

  • Is expensive pregnancy kit more effective?

Most pregnancy kits work on the same method of detecting hCG hormone in your urine. So, it comes down to your own preference. A digital detection kit is not going to be more effective than a normal test kit and neither is the one you pay the most for.


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