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Beauty Prevent your breasts from becoming loose and make them perky again

Prevent your breasts from becoming loose and make them perky again

By Samip Shah   

Perky breasts are not only attractive for men but they are an obsession for women as well. Every woman dreads when their breasts become shaggy. There are plenty of reasons for this to happen. As women ages just like their other body parts the muscles in their breasts also become weak. This may also happen due to the gain or loss of weight. Along with this pregnancy and breastfeeding changes also have a cause for saggy breasts. But that doesn’t mean you will never again have those perky breasts. Because of firm breasts, women can easily improve her posture and self-image.

Here are some of the easy and effective remedies that you can try at home. This includes some exercises, lifestyle changes to make shaggy breasts firm.

1. Avoid smoking

Smoking is harmful to your body. And for women, they are harmful to their breasts as well. A study suggests that if women want to stay away from shaggy breasts than they need to avoid smoking. Because smoking causes the stretching of breast’s tissue. Due to smoking, there is a break down of a protein in your skin called elastin. Elastin gives a young skin an elastic appearance and supports your breasts. So, it is better to keep elastin in your body as much as possible by keeping away from cigarettes.

2. Maintain your weight

When your weight is increased due to consumption of unhealthy foods and drinks like alcohol and junk foods rather than muscle building exercises than this also contributes to the stretching of your breasts. Muscle building exercises will make you heavier but it will not affect your breast tissues. But due to an increase of body fat, your breasts will be affected. To avoid this, try and stay healthy consistently. Avoid fatty foods and crash diets.

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3. Use Aloe Vera

Use of Aloe Vera around the breast skin can firm up the skin. This is because of the collagen-stimulating properties of the Aloe Vera gel. When you apply Aloe Vera as a remedy for the wounded skin then it not only heals your skin but it also strengths your skin. And this is why because it’s properties it can be used for making the breasts firm. Just apply the gel and leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off. This will also improve the elasticity of your skin.

4. Moisturize your breasts

To keep your breasts firm and supply you need to moisturize it. This will ensure that your skin doesn’t become more pliable and thus lowering the chances of your breasts becoming shaggy or stretched. A research done on twins proved that the one who had moisturized her skin regularly had fewer wrinkles while the other who had not moisturized her skin regularly had many wrinkles.

5. Do yoga

Yoga is very good for our body. And if women perform it regularly than they can perfectly nice and firm breasts. Yoga tones your body and increases its flexibility. And when you perform certain positions in yoga then it can tone even your breasts. When you do different yoga styles that focus on the upper body, upper arms, shoulders, or pectorals than it also adds firmness to your breasts. To strengthen the chest muscles some of the best positions are cobra pose, triangle pose, and the standing forward bend pose.

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Some yoga positions will fight the effects of gravity and this is a major reason for breast shagging. To negate the effects of gravity on your breasts you can try backbends, headstands, and the inverted leg stretch.

6. Special bras

Bras are one of the important things to keep your breasts firm. And they can be only effective if you use the right one. An appropriate bra will make your breasts look firm and will also provide you with enough support to keep it tight and high. Also, you can opt for special bras available in the market which can provide your breasts strong support holders at the bottom of the cup. This will keep your breasts firm and lift them. Take the help of the employees at the lingerie stores as they point you the exact bra you require.

7. Try olive oil massage

Along with moisturizing your skin, you can combine the olive oil massage which you can boost the circulation and increase the vitality of your skin. This remedy has been used since ancient times. Egyptians and Romans used it to keep their skin elastic and it also protected their skin from wrinkling and the other damages. It is a great alternative to prevent your skin from becoming dry because of its composition. When you massage your breasts with the olive oil it does not only boosts the circulation but it also decreases wrinkling and sagging of your breasts. Try and use it around the chest region not more two times a week.

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8. Exercise to keep your breasts firm

There are various exercises which you need to perform daily to keep your breasts firm. When your muscles that support your breasts are not strong enough to support the weight of your breasts then you will find your breasts shagging. Breast tissues cannot be worked out. Instead, you should focus on strengthing your chest muscles more specifically the pectoral muscles and the upper back and shoulders. For this, you can perform some exercises like dumbbell chest press, dumbbell fly, incline chest press, etc.

In dumbbell chest press you can tone your chest muscles to avoid sagging breasts. For this lie your back on the bench and keep dumbbells in both your hands. Try and push these dumbbells towards the ceiling by straightening your elbows. Breath slowly and repeat the exercise. In dumbbell fly also you are required to have dumbbells. In this exercise also lie on your back on the bench with dumbbells in your hands. Without bending your wrists try and push your elbows straight. Now when you lower the dumbbells towards the level of your chest and shoulders, slowly inhale your breath. Again when you raise the dumbbells exhale after finally bringing them down to starting position.



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