Really Easy DIY To Get Shiny Hair

I wanted to share this really easy DIY with you on how I get my hair to be really shiny with simple ingredients that most people have in their home already.


2 GREEN TEA BAGS – if you don’t have green tea, if you have DARK HAIR use BLACK TEA instead and if you have BLONDE/COLOURED HAIR use chamomile. 

Note – GREEN TEA is for ALL HAIR.

Steep green tea in 1 cup of hot water  Let it Cool completely

Add 20 drops of vitamin E oil or any oil of your choice

Add 10 pumps of aloe … if you don’t have aloe gel you can skip it, if you’re using fresh aloe, you will need to store this in the fridge….TBH if you want your hair to be EVEN SHINIER, then store it in the fridge regardless… the cold shot of this green tea leave in with make your hair glowwwww


USE THIS AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT! I Usually spritz on you hair right after wash it and you can also spray on your hair before any style it. If you are going to be curling or flat ironing your hair , then make sure the spray has fully dried before you go in with your hot tools. .