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Health, Weight loss How To Reduce Tummy Without Exercise

How To Reduce Tummy Without Exercise

By Samip Shah   

Losing weight is the most challenging task to perform, especially in this busy life where it is difficult to manage things. Losing weight is not easy, especially the fats around the tummy. Tummy fats are very stubborn, and they don’t melt easily. One needs to be very hardworking and punctual to deal with the tummy fats. In this busy life, people don’t get enough time to do exercise and that is why losing weight is becoming a difficult task. No worries, people can lose weight without even doing exercise, just by being particular regarding some small things which effect at large.

Ways to reduce tummy without exercise:

Here are some ways to reduce stubborn belly fats without exercise. They ways are easy to perform but one needs to be really practical about it. The ways are as follows:

1. Drink lot of water:

The golden rule of drinking plenty of water not only keeps the body hydrated but also melts the fats easily. It removes the toxins from the body which in turns reduce the fats. Replace the high-calorie beverages with the plain water. It will help the body in maintaining the level of hydration with the zero calories. Starting the day with the glass of warm water improves the metabolism and also cleanse the digestive system. With regular intake of water, the body feels fuller and stomach don’t need much to eat so it prevents the consumption of extra calories. According to research, if a person drinks 2 cups of water before a meal then they can lose about 7 kgs of weight in 12 weeks. Drink an at least 8-9 glass of water daily in order to keep the body hydrated. Drink one glass of water as soon as you wake up and one glass before going to bed. Don’t drink water right after having lunch or dinner, wait for at least half an hour and then drink water.

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2. Avoid sugar consumption:

Consuming sugar can be poisonous for the health, especially when one desire of having a flat tummy. Sugar or sugar in the form of any dessert or bakery items should be avoided. It is tasty for the tongue, but it is proved to be the biggest threat to the body. Everyone has a sweet tooth, but one should prevent consuming sugar as much as possible in order to lose belly fats. Excess consumption of sugar means extra load on the liver which means fat storage, and the first target is tummy. Rather than consuming direct sugar or sugar in the form of chocolate or cake, one can have fruits or products which contains natural sugar. One should also avoid such foods which have a high glycemic index in it, as it contains a high amount of sugar and excess of it can lead to fats.

3. Get the right posture:

Changing the sitting and standing position won’t make the stomach fats disappear but it will make a person look slimmer by helping the body fat distribute properly across the torso. Improve the posture by standing and sitting straight to avoid punches. Always sitting in a relaxed mode can create paunches on the stomach, one will notice the fats gathered on stomach part. Slouching puts pressure on the belly rolls, but straightening the spine elongates the body and make a person look tall and slim. Try to keep the upper body straight, shoulder pulled back and head high while sitting and standing. Focusing on posture will not gradually reduce the fats but it can affect at large by preventing the cause.

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4. Try tummy-control belt:

Tummy-control belt is very safe and effective to use. It helps a person in reducing belly fats through the process of compression. Body shaping belt has come across a long way in styling people. It creates sweating on the belly part when wrapped around the torso. It helps a person in getting fit in their favourite dress without any discomfort. This belt tightens the belly area and keeps the fats in control. Neither it gives strength to the muscles nor it tones the muscles, it helps in giving a perfect appearance and look. Tummy control undergarments can also opt. It is available in different sizes and shapes and can be chosen according to need and requirement.

5. Sleep well:

Sleeping doesn’t burn fat on its own, but not taking enough sleep makes the other aspects of weight loss more difficult. According to research, people who sleep for only 6 hours at night gain 2 kgs of weight more than people who sleep for 8 hours. If a person is suffering from insomnia than the risk of developing obesity increases up to 27% more than normal sleepers. As per the study, losing sleep for just 30 minutes can increase the weight. It has been found that sleep normalizes the hunger hormones called as ghrelin and leptin, and a lack of sleep suppresses the feeling of fullness in the stomach. Due to bad sleeping habits, the internal system of body changes, and thus body begins to secrete cortisol and other hormones which triggers fat storage. It has also been found that a person who sleeps and wake up at the same time each day don’t have as many extra fats as compared to others. A person doesn’t feel energetic if he doesn’t take enough rest, so it gets hard to motivate himself to get up and move and it also becomes difficult to control hunger cravings at that point of time.

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Points to remember:

  1. Avoiding consuming alcohol while focusing on reducing belly fats, it messes up the system and can cause bloating.
  2. Walking for 30 minutes immediately after having lunch or dinner can help a person in losing weight. It improves the digestion system of a person.
  3. Drink one glass of milk every day, which boost weight loss by 70%. Drinking milk is good but avoid consuming other milk products as they are rich in calories.
  4. Eating fast will fill the body up and possibly the body might demand eating more on top of that. So chew properly and eat slowly.
  5. Avoid drinking sodas, though it contains zero calories artificial sweeteners present in the soda can increase the craving for sugars and other food.



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