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Beauty, Dry Hair, Hair care, Hair fall, Hair growth, Hair volume How to Repair Dry and Dull Hair

How to Repair Dry and Dull Hair

By Varnika Chauhan   


  1. Take ½ cup of coconut oil.
  2. Add two-3 tablets of camphor to it.
  3. Heat up the oil so that the camphor can dissolve in it.
  4. Let the oil cool down slightly.
  5. Part your hair into different sections. This will help in getting the oil to the roots and coating the hair strands evenly.
  6. Apply the coconut oil on the scalp first.
  7. Make sure your hairs are saturated with oil.
  8. Apply the oil on the ends as well.
  9. Let the oil stay for 3 hours.
  10. Rinse off with plain water first.
  11. Then shampoo and condition your hair as normal.

How this helps:

The molecules of coconut oil are small enough to penetrate the hair and lead to soft hair. Coconut oil helps in repairing the hair from within. It gets absorbed quite easily in to the hair and hydrates them from within. Coconut oil also helps in getting rid of dandruff. Camphor helps in controlling hair fall and prevents the bacterial growth.

Hair Mask

Egg and Avocado Mask

How to:

  1. Add 1 cup of flaxseeds gel to the blender.
  2. Add 1 diced avocado as well as the flaxseed gel into a blender and blend on high speed for 30 seconds.
  3. Add 1 egg and whip well so that the egg is completely mixed.
  4. Apply this paste on your hair and tie them up in a bun.
  5. Allow it stay for 30 minutes.
  6. Shampoo your hair as usual.
  7. Do this remedy once a week.

How this helps:

Flaxseeds contain plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. Eggs are a rich source of proteins and vitamins which help in softening the hair as well. Avocadoes are a rich of omega 3 fatty acids as well.

 Repair Dry and Dull Hair

Repair Dry and Dull Hair

Tea Tree Conditioner

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How to:

  1. Take 1 cup of aloe vera gel.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil to it.
  3. Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric oil to it.
  4. Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda.
  5. Mix well.
  6. Wet your hair using plain water.
  7. Divide your hair into sections.
  8. Apply the hair mask and massage it well.
  9. Tie up the hair.
  10. Let the mask stay for 30 minutes.
  11. Rinse off using plain water first.
  12. Shampoo and condition your hair as normal.
  13. Do this remedy once a week.

How this helps:

Tea tree oil and turmeric oil are anti bacterial and anti fungal in nature.

Other Tips for Hair Care:

Minimize the amount of heat you use on your hair: using hot tools like hair press and curling wands can be damaging to the hair. This is because the heat, although it tames the frizz, dries out the hair and makes them dry. It also eventually leads to split ends which are not easy to get rid of. Whenever using any heat on your hair, make use you apply a heat protectant.

Use a Hydrating Shampoo: most shampoos are drying in nature. They contain soap which can be drying on the scalp. They cleanse the hair thoroughly but leave them dry as well. Instead of using regular shampoos, use the ones with no sulphates and parabens.

Use Leave in Products: leave in products are ones which you can apply on your hair after washing them and let them stay in for long. Leave in ar conditioners and serums can be very helpful in reducing the dryness in the hair. apply these products in a decent amount while your hair are damp. This will prevent frizz and make your hair softer.

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