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Beauty, Hair care Right way to comb hair to keep them healthy

Right way to comb hair to keep them healthy

By Glowpink Staff   

What all you need to keep your hair healthy?

Generally, we think a good shampoo, conditioner, and a proper oil massage to keep the hair healthy, but apart from that we also need a right brush for your hair and you should always comb hair in the right way.

Most people run a comb randomly on the entire mane, you should never do like that

comb your hair

Divide your hair into smaller sections and then comb. Divide your hair into two to three sections and detangle them gently with a wide-tooth comb. This way the comb will detangle hair from top to bottom and remove knots from each and every strand.

comb hair

Start combing from the bottom. Usually, women begin combing from the roots to the tip. But this causes intense damage as the knots are formed at the mid and end part of your mane.

Image 3

To prevent hair fall and hair breakage solve the knots from the mid part of your hair and then run a comb through the scalp.

Some other useful tips:

  • Be very gentle while combing your hair, detangle each and every section of your hair very carefully to avoid breakage.
  • Do not comb your hair when it is wet, this will lead to breakage.
  • Use a hair serum, and a hair protectant serum before blow-drying your hair to prevent it from drying out excessively.
  • Do not sleep with hair accessories on, keep your hair open while sleeping.
  • Don’t tie a tight high raised ponytail, it will lead to breakage of hair.
  • Refrain from using hair-styling tools very often.
  • Use a protein shampoo to prevent hair fall.
  • Make it a habit to use a hair mask at least once in a month to nourish your hair.
  • If you have dandruff, then get it treated.
  • Try including salmon, walnuts, almonds in your diet.
  • Always use a detangler comb and a wide-toothed comb first to detangle your hair.
  • Don’t use shampoo every day, it will dry out your scalp.
  • Always wash your hair with lukewarm water, and do not use hot water or cold water.
  • Use a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a thick cotton towel.
  • Use ammonia-free hair dyes to color your hair.
  • Always use a hair serum after drying your hair to moisturize your hair strands and make sure that it does not become too dry.
  • Treat dry and brittle hair strands before they become unmanageable and frizzy with a honey hair mask.
  • Drink Triphala water every morning for long and strong hair.
  • Apply henna with beetroot juice to color your hair naturally at home.
  • Use an anti-dandruff shampoo at least once in a week even if you don’t have dandruff for a healthy and clean scalp.
  • Try to tie your hair in a loose braid while going out.
  • While cleansing your hair make sure that you clean it properly so that it does not lead to an excess product build-up on your scalp.
  • Apply extra virgin coconut oil mixed with your favorite essential oil at least once in a week to nourish your scalp and hair strands to keep your hair healthy and nourished.
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Choosing a Comb

The best comb to use on hair after the shower has to be a wide-toothed wooden one. Plastic combs are not ideal as they can create a static charge in the hair due to the friction because of rubbing. You can also opt for a rubber comb. Combs work best on wet or damp hair as they are sensitive, and stretchable at that point. You can use brushes on dry hair. Either way, make sure that you comb carefully and gently and do one small section at a time to avoid hurting the hair.

Hair Combing Mistakes that you should be aware of to avoid

  • You should not start combing from the scalp down. Since there have to some tangles and knots in your hair, combing from the top will include a long stretch of hair to comb through which are at risk of being damaged or broken. So, always start at the ends of the hair and comb through a small section one at a time.
  • You should not be rough or forceful while brushing the hair, especially around the hairline area. Trying to force the brushing or being unnecessarily harsh with it is bound to cause damage to the hair and continuous damage like that over time can result in permanent hair loss and similarly severe issues. Incorrect or rough brushing can cause more damage than one would assume so be gentle always in brushing your hair.
  • You should not avoid leave-in in conditioners as they can be very helpful in your hair care routine. These can help nourish your hair very well and also help repair any damage and provide protection from any further damage. You can also use a detangling spray to decrease some friction in the hair which will make it much easier and noticeably smoother to comb through the hair.
  • You should not wrap up your wet hair in a towel to dry them. Packing up your hair when they are sopping leads to them bunching up even more. This leads to them tangling and getting stuck with each other, making it more troublesome and complicated to brush them. A better way would be to squeeze out the excess water from the hair using the towel. Then, comb them carefully after using a detangler on them.
  • You should not comb on wet hair. This has been mentioned previously but when hair is wet, they are especially vulnerable and fragile and thus are much more prone to damage and breakage. To avoid this, you do not always have to comb your hair after your shower. You can brush your hair and smooth out any knots or tangles even before you get in the shower and then shampoo your hair gently and carefully, closer to the roots. Afterward, rather than rubbing your hair with a towel to dry them, just use the towel to dab them carefully and lightly to absorb the moisture to dry them.
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