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Beauty, Skin care Sandalwood powder – Amazing ways to use it

Sandalwood powder – Amazing ways to use it

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Santalum, commonly called Sandalwood, is a species of wood found in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Australia. The wood is heavy and is finely grained. Also, unlike many other kinds of wood, these retain their fragrance for decades. The East Indian Sandalwood Tree is the most widely used one due to its conditions.

Sandalwood is the most expensive wood in the world, right after African Blackwood. It has a soft, creamy like scent that has captured the hearts of many civilizations over the years. Sandalwood has many traditional remsedies and its scent has found its way into many aromatherapies and Ayurvedic uses. Found in many perfumes, conditioners, soaps and oils, sandalwood has become a common household item in many ways.

sandalwood powder

sandalwood powder

Amazing ways to use sandalwood powder
Sandalwood health benefits
Reported sided effects of sandalwood
How to prepare sandalwood oil at home

Amazing ways to use sandalwood powder

Sandalwood has been used, throughout generations, for a variety of treatments. It is a natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and a disinfectant. All these wonderful properties come together to impart an important value to the substance. There have always been a lot of traditional methods that have been used to treat the listed problems.

  • Common cold
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Liver and Gallbladder problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Muscle problems
  • Mental disorders
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Scabies

One of the most intensive and effective skin treatments, Sandalwood provides glow and a healthy growth for your skin. While there are a lot of ways to use sandalwood oil in at home, the most common ones are listed below.

  • Applying it directly to your skin
  • Putting a few drops in a lotion lotion
  • Heat it in a small kettle of water to scent your home
  • EvaporatIng it using an oil infuser
  • Add it to your bath water. (generally a warm bath is preferred)

Sandal powder for skin

Make a soft paste which includes turmeric paste, sandalwood paste and fullers earth (Multani Matti). Add a little bit of rose water to add moisture to the paste and apply on your body before having a bath. Incase of dry skin, use milk instead of rose water.

Mix one part sandal powder with one part almond powder in milk and apply on next and face for a fairer complexion.

Sandal powder for pimple and acne scars

Sandalwood is antibacterial and antiseptic in nature. Using these properties it can be used to treat acnes and scars.

To treat scars make a paste out of sandalwood fine powder, coconut oil and juice. Apply on affected parts and leave over night. Wash with cold water.

Adding some sandal powder to black gram powder in water and applying on acne and pimples gets rid of them. You can even make a paste of sandalwood, saffron and turmeric powder to apply on acne. This removes the acne sores and also heals the scar caused.

Sandalwood for Itches

Since sandalwood is anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial it can also be used to cure itches.

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Lime juice and powder of sandalwood mixed in equal quantities relieves you of skin irritations.

Sandalwood for Excessive Sweating

Apply a paste of sandalwood in rose water in ares where you sweat a lot. The paste is cooling and proved relief very quickly.

Sandalwood for Headaches

Grind some tulsi leaves and add a fine paste of sandalwood to them. Apply the paste on your forehead and on the sides. This will bring down the headache and make you feel relaxed also.

Sandalwood for the Summers

Sandalwood paste is antibacterial and an astringent. These properties help it provide cooling during summers. The paste is also used in most summer powders that are used at home.

Mix sandalwood paste in water and apply on rashes and small burns caused due to the heat. The paste will cool down the sore and provide cooling to the burn.

Sandalwood for Insect Bites

Sandal powder mixed with turmeric powder and lavender oil helps soothe insect bites and reduces the rash caused by them. The paste can also be kept in the house to keep away bugs and insects.

Amazing home remedies where you can use sandal powder

sandalwood powder face pack

sandalwood powder face pack

✔Sandalwood and rose water together rapidly remove prickly heat caused due to excessive sweating in the summer season.

✔To remove sun tan sun burns, mixing powder of  sandalwood with coconut oil and almond oil and applying as a face pack. Leave it for a while and wash.

✔To cure acne marks you can make a face pack with sandalwood and an equal amount of turmeric powder with a just pinch of camphor. It is recommended to leave it overnight for the best results.

✔The pack mentioned above can also be used with a little bit more camphor to treat blackheads. You can get clear skin with regular use of this homemade pack.

✔To get a fair complexion and light skin, mix sandalwood with a teaspoon of almond powder and milk. Apply on your face and neck to get a beautiful skin.

✔For allergies and rashes make a simple pack of sandalwood with water and camphor (in very little quantity). This face pack can be used to treat skin issues like psoriasis or eczema.

✔To lighten complexion and treat scars on the face use red sandal powder. Apply the face pack daily for a week at least, to get the best results.

✔To flaunt a clear skin, mix fullers earth or Multani Matti with sandalwood and rose water.Add a bit of green tea to get anti ageing properties as well

✔To treat the swelling of an itchy insect bite, mix sandalwood with lavender oil and turmeric. Apply this on the affected area. This mixture also works as insect repellent at home.

✔Multani Matti and sandal powder with rose water face pack is good for super oily skin while sandalwood with almond powder and milk face pack is good for dry skin.

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✔Adding some cucumber juice, a bit of honey, curd, a pinch of lemon juice, and some tomato juice to sandal powder to make a thick face pack cures suntan.

✔Mixing honey, curd, egg yolk, sandal powder and lavender essential oil will create a pack that fights sagging skin and promotes a healthy young and soft skin.

✔Mix sandalwood with rose water and apply the paste under your eyes helps in curing the dark circles under your eyes. This remedy will get rid of those tired looking eyes.

✔In order to maintain a glowing complexion, use face pack made of gram flour, sandalwood (powder form) or few drops of sandalwood oil. Applying this every morning will result in a clear and glowing skin complexion.

✔Make a thick paste of sandalwood and milk powder and apply on arms and legs. Let it dry for a while and then massage the pack while rinsing off. This results in a clear skin.

✔Mixing rice flour, rose water with powder of  sandalwood makes a fantastic homemade scrub. This will remove dead skin and give the skin a flawless, lighter appearance.

✔Mixing sandalwood oil with rose water creates your own homemade natural body mist. Sandalwood fragrance is really serene and will make you feel fresh and rejuvenated all day long.

Some popular methods to use sandalwood powder

For an pleasuring spa experience, fill a large bowl with hot water.
Then apply 1–2 drops of sandalwood oil to your face and cover your head with a towel.
Place your face above the steaming water and let the steam hit your face.
Your skin will start to feel nourished and rejuvenated, cleaning the pores and giving a glowing feel to the skin.

One can also take 1–2 drops of the oil in water to wet hair and help restore moisture and give the hair a silky shine.

Inhaling sandalwood directly from palms or diffusing it by boiling it in water can help to lessen tension and harmonise your emotions.

Sandalwood health benefits

A lot of scientific studies have showed that sandalwood has health benefits. According to research, sandalwood is known to help in the following ways.

Increases alertness
Helps soothe anxiety
Heals wounds
Guards against skin cancer
Fights bacteria

In therapy, sandalwood oil is most often used for making the skin healthy, the nervous system strong and muscles relaxed. Sandalwood is also high in sesquiterpenes, a naturally occurring chemical compound known for having a positive impact on wellness, especially in regards to the brain. It is an oil that can pass the blood brain barrier, an important way to support and improve cellular health.

Aromatherapy which uses sandalwood oil increased the persons pulse, blood pressure, and perspiration.These intern increased his alertness. Sandalwood oil massage also may help in reducing anxiety. The studies are still going on but the results are really promising. Researchers have found that the skin cells contain olfactory receptors for sandalwood. When the oil interacts with them, the receptors get activated in turn providing healthy skin growth. recent studies have shown that a compound found in sandalwood oil may help fight skin cancer. The compound, called α-santalol, can help promote cell death of cancerous cells.

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Sandalwood oil has also been proven to help in fighting stress. Since the oil is also a sedative it can be applied on the head and the back to soothe the body and provide wonderful experience.
Apart form providing a glow to the skin sandalwood paste is also one of the best skin remedies that can be used to sooth sunburns and remove skin tanning. The oil naturally clears skin complexion and provides a healthy glow to it.

Reported side effects of Sanadalwood

Sandalwood is reportedly safe when taken by mouth in small amounts in food. But it is really unsafe when taken by mouth as medicine for a duration longer than 6 weeks. There have been numerous reports of kidney damage due to prolonged use of the same..

If taken by mouth, sandalwood has been found to cause itching, stomach upset, nausea, and appearance of blood in the urine.

Not enough is actually known about the safety of applying sandalwood to the skin in amounts greater than those contained in powders, perfumes and cosmetics. Even contact with white sandalwood can cause allergic skin reactions in some people. So always put a little on your arm for some hours before actually using the paste or product.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid consumption of sandalwood as it has been reported that this can possibly induce a miscarriage. Also there is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking white sandalwood if you are breastfeeding. It is therefore better to stay on the safe side and avoid total use, while you are breastfeeding.

It is strictly advised not to use sandalwood if you have kidney problems. It might possibly make the kidney disease worse.

Thus although concrete medical proof may be lacking, sandalwood oil definitely has many health benefits. More research is needed to confirm and accept the health benefits of sandalwood oil but in the meantime, the scent alone can be comforting and enjoyable. That should be a good reason enough to give aromatherapy with sandalwood oil or a sandalwood paste a try.

How to prepare sandalwood oil at home


  • 1 cup Olive Oil
  • 1/4 ounce Sandal powder
  • Saucepan
  • Spoon
  • Oven
  • Jar
  • Muslin Cloth or fine strainer


  1. Heat oven to 200 F.
  2. Pour Olive oil into saucepan and stir. Then add Sandalwood powder.
  3. Cover pan and let it cook for two hours.
  4. Stir in between to prevent burning.
  5. Strain the mixture after letting it cool.
  6. The oil is ready for use.


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