How To Look Stunning In Saree

The saree, a garment synonymous with elegance and beauty, graces the wardrobe of every woman. However, mastering the art of looking effortlessly chic in six yards of exquisite fabric can be a challenge for those unaccustomed to its nuances.

To navigate this journey with grace, consider the wisdom shared by Bollywood icon Shilpa Shetty, who unveils a few tricks to help you radiate stunning confidence in a saree.

  1. Strategic Footwear Placement: Before you embark on the saree draping process, don your chosen footwear. This ensures the saree length aligns perfectly, especially if you opt for high heels. The harmony of your ensemble hinges on the relationship between the saree’s length and your chosen heel height.
  2. Shapewear Petticoat Elegance: Swap traditional petticoats for shapewear to avoid unnecessary bulk. Shapewear not only streamlines your silhouette but also anchors the saree securely, granting you a curvaceous allure. Its skirt-like form makes it easy to wear, allowing you to effortlessly drape the saree over it for a flawless look.
  3. Pre-Pleating Wisdom: Prepare for special occasions by pre-pleating your saree the night before. This technique allows you to set the pleats in advance, simplifying the draping process. When the time comes, you can swiftly and efficiently drape the saree while maintaining a flawless appearance.
  4. Colored Pins for Panache: Elevate the overall aesthetic of your saree with colored pins that not only serve a functional purpose in securing the pallu but also add a stylish touch. Opt for high-quality pins to avoid fabric damage, and consider double-lock pins as reliable companions for saree styling.
  5. Fabric Selection Finesse: The choice of fabric can make or break your saree ensemble. Whether it’s a saree, dupatta, or scarf, opt for fabrics that complement your body shape. Silks, cotton, and chiffon are lightweight materials that flatter various body types, ensuring you exude poise and sophistication.
  6. Pinning Up Pleats Precision: Ensure your pleats stay put by using safety pins strategically. Pinning the pleats the night before can streamline the draping process during special events. Employ two pins—one at the top and another in the center—to secure the pleats, minimizing the risk of unfolding while maintaining a neat arrangement.