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Beauty, Skin care should you use face wash in the morning? My views

should you use face wash in the morning? My views

By Glowpink Staff   

Many of our users have asked this type of questions many times, so today i am going to answer this query

First let us discuss night time skin care routine. i have already told many times that before going to bed it is very important to remove all layers of your makeup, wash it properly with face wash, apply toner and then moisturiser

I hope, most of our users follow this routine. Now let us come to morning when you wake up. During sleep our skin is not exposed to any dirt or makeup, so I think just plain water is enough. And it will be much better if you use some ice cold water to wake up and perk your skin

Now I know many of us will think about oil on our skin which is secreted and the bacteria. For the starters, your dead skin gets washed off with water and your cleanser does not really get rid of the bacteria unless it is alcohol concentrate. So, we are left with oil secretion. That is a real problem for oily skin girls and has to be dealt with in a firm manner.

The answer is that you really need to change the products which you are using. You might not be using the correct set of products according to your skin type. And, in the morning, you can go for the face wash alternatives which are listed below:


Take honey. massage in between your palms to warm it up and apply on the face, massage just like you would do with a face cleanser and keep for a minute or two or wash off immediately. Believe me your skin will be clean and nourished as wll

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Just mix it with plain water or with floral water and wash off. It is a proven cleanser and a great one at that! You can use it as a face mask as well at the same time.

Note: If you have oily skin, never mix besan with any dairy product


If you do take steam in the morning to clear your nasal passages, remember that a 2 minute steam for your face also removes all the build-up and dead skin cells so a splash with cold water would be just enough. But, remember that you must NOT use steam every single day as it is quite drying.


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