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Pregnancy Signs to be taken seriously for cramping in pregnancy

Signs to be taken seriously for cramping in pregnancy

By manisha   

Cramping in pregnancy is normal in most of the cases. It is a pulling sensation in the abdomen on one or both the sides. Cramping is caused by the development of baby which brings normal changes in the first trimester. But there are signs if found should be taken seriously. Below we are listing the main ones.

cramping during pregnancy

cramping in pregnancy


  • The pain of cramping doesn’t improve with time or with the change in your physical positions.
  • Intense abdomen or back pain (sometimes in neck and shoulder also) of cramping accompanied with fever, vomiting or nausea can be symptoms of gallbladder disease, kidney stones or appendicitis.
  • The persistent cramping in pregnancy when one has had a preterm pregnancy (many times caused when expecting multiples), ectopic pregnancy or when a shortened cervix has been diagnosed.
  • When you get pink discharge while experiencing cramping in pregnancy it should be reported to the doctor as it can be a strong signal of preterm labor.
  • During pregnancy you can get more than five contractions in an hour. This can be a signal of preterm labor.
  • Cramping in pregnancy if is accompanied by bleeding, dizziness and/or lightheadedness might be a signal of ectopic pregnancy, also, bleeding can also be a symptom of miscarriage.


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