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Skin care routine of bollywood beauty queen Katrina kaif

By Glowpink Staff   

Everyone knows Bollywood diva Katrina kaif, no doubt she is beautiful. She has glowing and flawless skin. Secrets behind this beauty is her strict healthy diet, regular exercise and a very simple skin care routine

Skin care routine adopted by Katrina Kaif

1. Before going to sleep, this damsel always cleanses her face well. For cleansing and removing makeup, she uses Shu Uemera Skin Cleansing Beauty Oil.
Shu Uemera Skin Cleansing Beauty Oil 150 ml costs Rs. 2676
Shu Uemera Skin Cleansing Beauty Oil 450 ml costs Rs. 6162


2. She also uses La Prairie night cream.

La Prairie night cream

3. For the daytime, she uses Mene & Moy Face Wash, and for the face and eyes she uses Lancome Cleansing Milk.

Mene & Moy Face Wash

Lancome Cleansing Milk
4. To soothe her skin, she also uses a mineral mud masks by Anne Semoin.

mineral mud masks by Anne Semoin

Do not use these masks more than once in a week if you do not want your skin to dry out excessively.

If you want to look like Katrina Kaif then all you have to do is follow a simple skin care regime and a healthy diet to get flawless, glowing and dewy skin in no time.

  • Drink enough water to keep your skin and body well hydrated and keep early signs of aging at bay.
  • Stay away from processed food and eat boiled food.
  • Have small meals, eat every 2-3 hours and do not starve.
  • Invest in good skin care products.
  • Never go to bed without washing your face.
  • Apply a moisturizer on your face before hitting the bed.
  • Always use a primer before applying makeup. This creates a thin layer between your skin and your make up and prevents your make up products from clogging your pores. This keeps your skin healthy and protects it from unwanted breakouts.
  • To get a youthful look always use blushes in a lighter shade of pink and peach depending upon your natural skin complexion.
  • Do not forget to highlight your eyes while applying makeup. Let your eyes do the talk.
  • Get your locks trimmed once in a month.
  • Indulge in the guilt of pampering yourself with a hairspa regularly.
  • Use a leave on conditioner even after using a hair serum before stepping out of your house.
  • Exercise every day, be it yoga, swimming, or free hand exercises. Exercising helps to keep your body fit and also release a lot of free radicals to keep the signs of aging at bay.
  • Katrina Kaif also does kathak nritya to keep herself fit and in shape.
  • If you have dry skin, then use a face oil that will keep your skin soft and moisturized all day long.
  • Apply a hair oil once in a week to keep your tresses healthy.
  • You must follow a basic CTM routine to keep your skin healthy and glowing from within.
  • Go for a full body massage every month to get instant relief from stress.
  • Always use a heat protectant serum or a heat protectant spray before using hair styling tools or else it will damage your beautiful tresses.
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